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Fall Decorating with Blush and Magenta

We will have been in the Funhouse a full year on Tuesday and we have come quite a way since moving in. One of the biggest changes is the bookcase wall. Our office bookcases from the farmhouse  have been painted black and moved to the Funhouse living room.

                                             Collections are taking a prominent place here.
          I thought there would be no way to keep everything we loved best but it has worked out well.

                                      When we moved in we were in a rush to host Thanksgiving
                                               so most of our fun stuff was left in storage.
                                      It has gradually come home and guess all fits.

                                We are obviously not minimalists but with careful editing
                          we now have a wonderfully cozy space that houses beloved treasures.
                                                           Treasures to us at lea…

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