Fall Decorating with Blush and Magenta

We will have been in the Funhouse a full year on Tuesday and we have come quite a way since moving in.
One of the biggest changes is the bookcase wall.
Our office bookcases from the farmhouse 
have been painted black and moved to the Funhouse living room.

                                             Collections are taking a prominent place here.
          I thought there would be no way to keep everything we loved best but it has worked out well.

                                      When we moved in we were in a rush to host Thanksgiving
                                               so most of our fun stuff was left in storage.
                                      It has gradually come home and guess what...it all fits.

                                We are obviously not minimalists but with careful editing
                          we now have a wonderfully cozy space that houses beloved treasures.
                                                           Treasures to us at least.

No rules here.
If it makes us happy it stays.
I have been crazy for blush and magenta this past year.
The colors just pop against black.
So my Thanksgiving theme has relied heavily on this palette.

Another perk to the Funhouse is a little touch of seasonal decor goes a long way.
I can finally get those holiday bins whittled to a manageable size.

Turkey feathers found in the clearing at Frippery Farmhouse bring back good memories.
                      Whimsy is ever-present. More so now because like I said ...no rules.

                                 Why is it that I feel anything goes in this new happy little house?
       Decorating feels like it can be much less serious here. Just go with whatever may strike the fancy.

                                                       A summery driftwood wreath?
                                                Deck it out in mums and feathers for fall.
                                                  Abundance in a just right space for two.
                                                With plenty of room for friends and family.

Less fuss and more fun is my motto for this stage of our lives.
I am relishing this new freedom.
More like fun sizing.

Yours in everyday pleasures,


Anonymous said…
I love it!!! We went through this process about 7 years ago. We've really enjoyed the change in lifestyle. We're thinking in about 5 years, if we're lucky and everything works out, we'll take it a step farther. We have our eye on a high rise over looking Lake Erie. That will be a totally different adventure. Life's a journey!! Your new home looks beautiful. I love small spaces. I always have, so moving from our old farmhouse was kind of a relief for me. I loved it but change is good!
Debby said…
It all looks beautiful. I love the whole idea of "fun".

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