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Monday, October 23, 2017

The Joy of Being Content

A new start in a familiar place, close to friends and family, has been consuming this past year.
I have missed this place and didn't even realize I was missing it.

As you may know we have downsized drastically. Our empty nest is no longer an oversized house surrounded by acreage. Quite a dramatic change when I look back on all of the turmoil and stress it took to get here. To here, our home, cozy and older and in need of some love and care. This little place doesn't have a ton of character, no fairy tale details or architectual embellishments.

(Scary before photos...Just a warning)

It is a lot like the house I grew up in. A brick suburban tract house surrounded by other similar houses in a neighborhood built in the middle of the last century. Where moms were home with the kids and dads went off to work each morning with a kiss and a wave and a promise of a home cooked meal at the end of the day. Of course I know that this is a Leave it to Beaver version of childhood, but in my memory it is quite close to the reality we lived as children.

We have moved back. We are very close to the place we both spent our earliest years. The area is decidedly more urban now, diverse and more densely populated. I have always tended to be more of a city girl. We now have a bit of both. A suburban neighborhood within the city limits.

Being introspective I assumed this change would be much more difficult emotionally. We raised our children in the house we built 24 years ago. There were so many happy days, shared with all of the people we care most about. So, heart wrenching, hand wringing, tears and sadness? Maybe for a moment, but this little place feels like coming home after being away for a long long time.  We are empty nesters and my only regret is that my children may have expected us to stay on and preserve their childhood home. However they have their own lives and friends and so much ahead of them that  I hope the only sadness comes from the sense of nostalgia at a time that is past. The memories will always be the best part of that place and time.

I know they are only concerned with our happiness.

We are happy. We are at age where we have freedom to enjoy life and do not want to be tied down to maintenance and mortgages and spending all our time as caretakers of a big empty house.
This little place is manageable and has enough potential as a fixer to keep my DIY and decorating addiction busy for quite a while without overwhelming every waking moment.
The best word I can think of to describe this feeling is contentment.

Sharing the progress as we update and bring out the charm of Frippery Funhouse is something I am excited to get moving on. I have been absent for a few years just dealing with a life that felt way too chaotic. There is so much to tell you about (or not) but at this moment I want to share the sheer pleasure of being happy and peaceful in a new place called home.

Yours in new beginnings, P.

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Geralyn Gray said...

LOVE it!!!! It has been six years!!! Slowly we make changes and I like the slow pace. we put laminate wood floors and new carpeting this year and curtains are FINALLY up! New window are getting installed all at a slow rate and that is ok! Enjoy the downsizing and I hope you get to travel, because that is what our new home has given us the freedom to do! Cheers to new beginnings!

Debby said...

Icertainlyunderstand. It has been almost two tears that we moved from our home of 30 years. Once in awhile I get a tug at my heart when I see pics of our old home. This is funny , but I miss the country roads to and from. Where we live now looks like we are in the country but just minutes from everything. We have half the space. We love it here. It's a whole new feeling. Enjoy.

Pam @ Frippery said...

It is so freeing to make a big change and lighten tge load of possessions. I am glad you are enjoying it too Debbt.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Yes Geralyn, travel is definitely on the agenda. Why wait to unload all the accumulation of years until you are too old to deal with it? My kids took all of my good pieces, even my wedding china! I would rarather have them use it and enjoy it than deal with that overwhelming task later. Glad you are enjoying your freedom too.

terry t said...

what a joy to have you back!

At a different level...a year ago we sold a ceramic studio after almost 20 years and it was liberating and incredibly difficult. I truly get it.

Cannot wait to see what you do with the Funhouse! T.Taylor

Pam @ Frippery said...

Somtimes the things we love can also be an incredible burden. Especially material things that are hard to let go. Once gone they really didn't have the hold we thought they did. I get it Terry.