10 New Things and 10 Lessons

So yeah, still here, literally and figuratively.
I cannot believe it has been over a year since the last post.
16 months!

What's new? Here are 10 things since last we spoke.

                               (With random photos that have made me happy. Just because.) 

1. I am healthy.
2. I am working full time.
3. We are still living in the farmhouse.
4. The house will actually be on the market in a week.
5. Hubs has a new job that he completely enjoys.
6. We are truly empty nesters.
7. Short hair.
8. I closed my antique mall space.
9. I am learning to practice meditation.
10. Pierced nose.

More importantly, 10 lessons that have come from the many changes the past several years have wrought. Yes, I have always been an optimist but I realize it is more valuable to keep facing the sunshine the older one gets. The only downside is I am much less tolerant of complainers than before.

1. No matter what the circumstance, don't panic. The Universe will provide.
2. Bad things happen but how you handle them will make all the difference.
3. Living on less is a truly freeing experience.
4. Surviving illness can bring a bright perspective to the rest of life.
5. Experiencing new things with people you love trumps wealth any day.
6. Don't whine about it, find something good in it. Negativity will crush you.
7. Learn new things and constantly widen your interests.
8. Be kind to everyone you meet. Nice really does matter. It can be life changing to someone.
9. Just because your life is different doesn't mean it's worse.
10. If you're not dead yet, you're not done yet.

Number 10 may be the best lesson of all. Keep going forward until your last breath. There is always room for good in every day. Focus on the positive and good things will come to you.
Some of you may be gagging on the happy happy joy joy here, but take it from me, it works. Some days you may slip and slide in puddles of tears but never let the "why me's" and "how could this happen's" keep you from the life you are meant to live. That life is in you and it is only through you that it will manifest itself.

Oh yes, one other lesson...
maybe I will save that for the next post. I promise I won't wait another year!

Happy to be back my friends.
I've missed you.

Yours in new adventures, P.


This was very uplifting to read.
Welcome back!
Teresa said…
Welcome back! Great lists to live by.

I just started blogging again this week, after nearly a year. Missed it!

Ellen D. said…
Thanks for writing! I loved this!

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