Christmas Light

Hello there faithful friends.
It's been a while.
Between the fantastic Over the Moon Designers Market the week before Thanksgiving and today life has been eventful.
(The two photos below are not my space but a sampling of the creative vendors chosen to participate.)

Pretty everywhere you turned.
What a fun show.

We are also putting Frippery Farmhouse on the market soon.
If you know anyone looking for a 4-5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath farmhouse style home 
on 2 acres please send them my way.
We are selling our other 4 acres to our neighbor so the home will remain surrounded by nature.
It has been a beautiful home to raise our family but too large for just Joe and I.

 With all of that happening I chose to decorate very little for Christmas. 
Stress free and simple.
Now to the real news.
We need a few prayers.
As you all know last year I had breast cancer in the spring of 2013 and a hysterectomy/oophorectomy 2 days before Thanksgiving the same year.
The last few years seem to have had the theme of loss which I spoke about here.
Then in December my mom was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery and spent the week before Christmas there.
I thought this year had to be better...

I had my breast surgeon appointment and all was well.
Happy dance, don't have to see her for a year.
Then I had my blood levels checked and because I had elevated liver enzymes from taking Tamoxifen for the BC my PCP decided to do an abdominal scan.
Lo and behold it appears I now have kidney cancer.
I have my urology appointment tomorrow.
 (As well as starting my yearly temp job because timing is everything right?)
I called my oncologist because I wasn't getting much info from my PCP and she was very helpful in telling me what to expect.
The cancer appears to be treatable with surgery and they will probably remove my entire kidney.
She suggested I look at this as a blessing because if I hadn't been taking the Tamoxifen I would not have had the scan in the first place.
I had to go back and reread my thoughts on this too.

Therefore just a light Christmas again this year and prayers for a better 2015.
I will post an update as soon as I can.
Meantime this is a hell of a way to lose weight, piece by piece, haha.

Have a Merry Christmas whether your hearts are light or heavy this season.
Each moment is a gift so savor all the good you can.
Peace and may God's light shine on you all,


Evening Pam, Your Christmas tree is I see PINK? LOVE it! My prayers are with you...You have a great attitude..Keep the FAITH! Blessings~~~Roxie
Pam, you are a dear heart! You really are! My little brother beat Kidney cancer..and so can you. My sweet daughter was not as fortunate, but your very attitude will pull you through this. Hang in there and continue to be strong. I've become a very good at expert, actually, and I am going to give it everything I've got. God and I are on first name basis these days! :) I'll set up an appointment and HE and I will have a chat. Big hugs and my love to you. Merry Christmas!!

Hopemore Studio said…
What a roller coaster ride dear friend. Yes, please, wrap the bad news with good and keep your positive attitude, it means so much for your health.
Your house is beautiful as always, some years simplicity is key. I wished I had remembered about your show, I would have loved to stop by though I always think I have more time than I really do.
Please let us know how you are doing here or drop me an email.
Dee said…
I'm so sorry to hear that you were given such terrible news right before Christmas, but don't you worry because God is a healer and I will add you to my prayer list beginning tonight. I knew there was a reason I stopped by your blog today. Blessings to you... :)
cyberarma said…
Dear Pam.
I don't usually comment on anything I read, but I just had to let you know that I will be praying for you every day. I love all your work and hope and pray that you will get through your current problem completely.
Love and best wishes

sharon oler said…
Well, if that don't beat all! Damn it man! I am so sick of hearing this very thought all around us! So as I say have a good cuss and a spit pull up our boot straps Again! And give it all ya got sistah! You can see you are not alone. Even out here in blog land. People near and far praying and pulling for ya!
Hugs and best wishes for a better new year!
Diane Haynie said…
Hi Pam...ran across your blog again after finding a comment from you on my blog a couple of years ago. I see that you have not blogged for almost a year and also see the reason why. I hope this comment finds you in good health again and able to enjoy this crazy world of blogging and design.

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