How to Decide When it is Time to Move

Last time I posted the leaves were still on the trees and mostly green!
Sorry it has been a while but we have been making some big decisions here at Frippery Farmhouse.
I tried to develop a logical set of questions that would get me to the end result, stay or go.
It seems that logic is always overtaken by emotion when the question is moving from the home built for your family 21 years ago.

Up and down, yes or no, I finally wrote myself a list of why we should move vs. stay.

How much space do we need?
This one is fairly easy as our kids will soon be on their own and it will just be Joe and I.
4+ bedrooms and three and a half baths will soon be unnecessary.
A waste of time to clean and money to heat and cool.

Do we want to spend our future years maintaining a large home or have the freedom to come and go as we please now that the kids are grown?
That one answers itself.

Do we want to stay more rural or move closer in to the city?
This one is a bit difficult as Joe loves being away from it all and I am ready for a more
urban lifestyle.
This is a perfect home to raise children in.
We have done that and were very happy here but we both agree it is time to shake things up.

Can we say goodbye?
We need to move past the emotion and realize we will always have our memories of the happy years we have spent here.
So yes, because saying goodbye means saying hello to a new and exciting future.

Pros vs. cons list.
We have listed many reasons to stay or go and the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin.
This will be different for everyone but for us moving at this point makes sense.
We have a lot of life ahead and we are ready for something different.

We will be prepping the house for sale in the next several months and I will share some of the process as we de-clutter, clean and make changes for the next family.
It makes me happy to think of this house seeing another family grow and play 
and share memories here.

If you are at this point in your life I would love for you to share your decision making process.
How did you get past emotion and did you choose to stay or go?

Yours in exciting changes, P.


English Rider said…
Would this be a good time to explore doing some house exchanges? Make the most of what you have by trading for a month in Paris or similar?
We have several friends who have done this for years.
I am one for home. The familiar..but I do understand the need for change. There have been several bloggers, like you, that have gone through the same thing. When we moved on after the children were grown..was not a choice. It was a "have to"..
How wonderful to have a choice. tHE WONDERFUL MAN I am married to now has lived in this home for fifty five years. But..he and his wife only had the two children. One bedroom is my office..there is a guest room and our own room. Two rather small bathes..but a HUGE family and dining room that spans the entire back of the home. The yard is of a managable size..and we don't have to do a lot that you may have to do, such as winterize. The one thing I don't think I would ever do is follow my children. I've known some to do that..and then the children move on or want to as they reach middle age and their children are grown.
Hard decision. If you can hire help to maintain your home than I would probably stay. But..home is where the heart is...
Whatever your choice..just make sure it is the right one for both of you. One unhappy man when older is a sad thing. Men need something to keep them busy in their retirement years..
We have our outside taken care of now for the most part..and my sweet husband sits way too much and I am watching him fade more and more quickly.
Just be happy and comfy.
trash talk said…
I'm still wrapping my head around multiple bathrooms. We've lived in the same tiny house for clean on 40 years. I know when you're young, the norm is to upsize homes over the years, but somehow...we never got around to it. If we were to downsize now, we'd be living in an outhouse.
But regardless the size, the memories are still crammed in there. (Funny how 40 years worth will fit just as nicely in 1000 sq. ft as in 4000!)
What I'm trying to say...and doing a pi$$ poor job of I can only imagine the difficult choices y'all are making. I do know I always longed for a 2 story, but no longer. The idea of going up and down stairs makes my knees hurt just thinking about it.
Whatever choice y'all make, through prayer, will be the right one. And when it's the right one, He will move the boxes for you.
Dee said…
I haven't visited your blog in a little while. I see you've changed things a bit. I like your new profile picture.

Currently, I'm not a home owner, so I'm probably not going to be very helpful to you. I do believe that there does come a time in all of our lives when change is inevitable. I know I would hate to leave the home that I raised my family in too, but I can understand why you need to relocate. I pray that everything works out for you and your family. Have a blessed week... :)

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