A New Look

They attract attention.
They serve as an introduction to your brand.
They help your clients recognize you in a crowd.
We set up at the City Flea this past weekend and I wanted to be sure we would stand out at an event that has so many wonderful things going on all at once. 

I have been playing with a bit of rebranding and a new sign was a perfect way to try out my new look.
This sign was ordered from Build a Sign, an online purveyor of all things messagy and brandish.
Super simple to create a look for your business using their online tool.
Just what I was looking for.

After I created my design I knew I would want business cards to keep the theme cohesive.
They do that too.
Very well I might add.

Awesomeness is definitely a Build a Sign trait.
This sign helped my space stand out in the crowd.
I love it so much that I am getting ready to place an order for this sign in a different colorway.
Subdued grey and black and white.

Thanks Build a Sign!
You definitely have a satisfied customer.
I am required to acknowledge that I did receive product from Build a Sign to review.
My opinions are my own however.
They did a great job, delivery was less than two weeks and I had tons of compliments on my new look.
Happy me.

Yours in getting the word out, P.


Hopemore Studio said…
Drat, I did't know you were going to be there!... Love the branding btw!

Unfortunately I had kids sports commitments all weekend. I went last month in hopes of seeing you (still have a sweet suitcase for you)

I hope it was successful!
trash talk said…
Subdued? Didn't know that was possible!
Love your signage and cards. There was a time when branding wasn't as important in the land of junk, but nowadays...it's a must. With so many in the business now, short of pulling your dress over your head, signs are the best way to attract attention!
I really do miss you. Been thinking about you a lot.
As always...LYttH and wishing I could tell you that in person!
Whoa...that is an eye catching sign for sure. I think the new one you have in mind..is going to WOW them as well. Your colors are very FALLISH! Nice! The business cards won't get lost in the shuffle either! Great job, Pam!!
Sea Witch said…
Great sign, love the colors. Hope you had a successful show.
"Frippery" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.


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