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Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Hydrangea Obsession

Hey there friends.
Long time.
Summer is flying and suddenly it is August!
I find myself wanting to dig my heels into the grass and grab hold of time to slow her down.
Things around Frippery Farmhouse have been crazy busy and I am trying to keep up while still savoring the moments of extraordinary beauty the season brings.
There will be lots of changes coming but for now I just want to bask in lazy summer days.
Back to Hydrangeas.
I have many.
They all bloom at different times.
I would say I cannot choose a favorite but if pressed Limelight just might edge out all the others.
Don't tell Annabelle, or the Lacecaps, or Everlasting Summer.
Words really can't describe the perfection that this hydrangea brings to midsummer.

Can you believe the amount of blooms on theses shrubs?
There are only 3 shrubs, planted 3 years ago!

Limelight definitely puts on a show.

Snow white fades to vintage pink as the blossoms age.
Vintage colors for the late summer garden.

The flowers go from green to white to pink and faded paper ecru as the season progresses.

Cannot get enough of this gorgeousness.

White purity.

These flowers are totally swoon worthy.

Have you planted hydrangeas in your yard?
What is your favorite summer flower?

Yours in the garden, P.
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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I have never seen such beautiful hydrangia's...ever. They are gorgeous. I have one in a pot and it struggles..I need to plant it but where??? I have already lost one. I planted it under a tree...wrong thing to do. It is so hot here that I am wondering if that isn't part of the problem.
Other flowers florish here in this awful heat..ivy has even crisped some of the leaves on the fruit trees.
Any tips on growing these lovely flowers..and where are you in the country. I can just imagine a bunch of these gracing your dining room table! Heavenly!1

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Pam, I had 7 bushes of hydrangeas at the farmhouse....they were an heirloom Annabelle. Those were the only ones I had. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower with lavender and a few other things. A young lady messaged me some months ago wanting dried hydrangeas for her Sept wedding....(she had seen a few I had left at the Over the Moon show) I told her I don't live at the farmhouse anymore but I would call the owner to see if I could cut and dry some for her wedding....Well, I delivered those beautiful Annabelles 2 weeks ago..The bride to be was happy! Your hydrangeas are TDF!! Gorgeous is an understatement....Do you dry yours? Hope your weekend is wonderful~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

Brandi said...

How beautiful. I have a few bushes in my yard. I hope one day they grow to be as lush and beautiful as yours.