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Friday, June 6, 2014

Ugly Duckling into Swan?

Since the prevailing color palette in my head has been black, white, grey, gold and silver, where better to find inspiration than Restoration Hardware?

Love this rustic charcoal finish and because my faucets are chrome and I am not changing them, the silver hardware is perfect.
This would involve making new drawer fronts and then somehow covering the existing doors with faux fronts as well.

Same here,
Loving the vintage file drawer look.
This is doable with some work.

This would be the easiest to achieve.
A bit of charcoal paint, some distressing and dark wax and my vanity could have a similar look.
The biggest problem is deciding which direction to take.

                                                            Rustic elegance or elegant rusticity?
Making a decision is the hard part.

Yours in a quandry, P.
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