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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bath Makeover, Getting There is Half the Fun

Just checking in with my progress on the June Room Challenge at Thrift Diving.
Slow progress, but progress non the less.

I was absolutely stuck on the direction to take with the vanity which held up everything else.
Then I recalled my initial decision to keep the budget under $200.
Well that certainly helped.
Since I need flooring the cabinet doors are staying.

A bit of sanding and a few coats of Annie Sloan Graphite and things are looking much better.
I was on the hunt for inexpensive mirrors and I hit every discount store
 from Home Goods to Ollie's with no luck.
Then on a whim I stopped at the Christmas Tree Shop and boom!

Just a sneak peak.
My theme is Rustic Urbanity.
Or is that Urbane Rusticity?
Either way these mirrors combine sophistication in the bevels and 
the raw wood frames scream outdoorsy.
For the sale price of 29 buckaroos I was sold.

Forgive the poor photo quality, this part of the bathroom has no window.
Now I am shopping the house in my head for everything to complete my Urbane and Rustic bath.
I already have the paint as I am using the same colors as my Master Bedroom.
Paint goes on tomorrow.
Then molding.
Then floors.
Can I make it???

Yours in a panic, P.
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sweetvintageofmine said...

It's looking GOOD! LOVE the color of the new one is gray too! Can' wait to see more...$200 budget~~amazing! Blessings~~~Roxie

Joy Galbraith said...

It is looking great! Can I please hire you to do my bathroom in French shabby chic? I have the materials, but not the time. I'm working another movie.

laura Madalene said...

Wow…that red color painted bathroom I liked the most. After reading your post, I am planning to paint my bathroom with this beautiful color. Amber…wonderful collections you have here on this post. Thanks for this brilliant write up.
Modern House