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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Inspiration

Looking for a bit of spring cleaning inspiration this past week.
I came across one of my loves.
Lists...printable lists.
I can leave a list for the fam and maybe once it is spelled out they will take action. 
Plus I needed a fire lit under me this year.
I am working my full time temp job again 
while also getting ready for the Over the Moon Vintage Market in (gasp) less than two weeks.
But the pull of the big spring clean is tugging at me as well.
Her lovely lists of cleaning tips will be my go to when I need a push to get tidy.
Have a cup of coffee at my fresh and clean coffee station and make a visit to her blog.
The girl has it together!

Also, always inspirational Mandi at Vintage Revivals had quite a surprise this week.
Target, yes Target, copied one of her room designs almost identically, yet gave her no credit.
Really Target?
Thanks to the amazing vigilance of Blogland they did not pull it off without being called out.
In the end they did the right thing but only after being caught.
Shame on you Target.
Congrats to Mandi, who has been contacted by Target.
A whole new door may have opened for her.

I am off to spruce up another space or two before heading out to a girl's get together this afternoon.
Take baby steps to get the job done when you find you don't have a vast amount of time 
to devote to cleaning for spring.
It gets the job done.

Yours in welcoming a new season, P.
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Tamera Beardsley said...

Taking tiny steps to organize is fabulous advice … you should see what happens to my closet by the time I am done styling outfits! I will be heeding your advice today as I repair the order once again!

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog my dear!


Dee D said...

Hi Pam. I've been doing some spring cleaning little by little, too, so I agree... great advice.