Living Graciously, Artfully, Frugally.

Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Friday, August 30, 2013

Chilling on a Hot Summer Day

Wow, summer is almost over and NOW we get the summer weather...
It is simply too hot to work on the garden.
Do you ever feel guilty for just taking time to sit back and chill a bit?
On your day off do you constantly have all those must do's tugging at you?

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take a little PTO and just indulge.
A stack of magazines, the iPad and a tall glass of cucumber water...

It is just stifling outside and I have the inside mostly under control...(snort) why not?

How about you?
Same issues with taking time for yourself?
I never had this problem when I was younger.

As in before marriage and children.
After 28 years it is time to get back to it.

Lets kick back and enjoy a little me time.
Oh, and before you ask, I am willing to share my recipe for cucumber water.
Cucumber slices and water...
We are taking it easy after all.

Yours in taking a moment, P.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Always Back to Black and White

So I have been a bad blogger.
Life and stuff, ya know?
Oh and of course, the house.
Can't forget that.
Summer is winding down and I find myself back to my old standby, black and white.
I tried color, even had a word...coloriness.
But old loves sometimes linger.

Last time we chatted I was gearing up for City Flea.
Since then I have started a new job...
an awesome new
it will be a perfect fit.
It will even require a blog, and Facebook and Pinterest and tweets.
More on that soon.

Hence the simplification of the house. 
I need to be able to keep it under control.
I even moved the dining room yet again.
Back to a reading room, good for cozy autumn days and not for piling everything that comes in the door onto the dining room table.

Anyone else have that issue?
I for one am outlawing piles of junk in this house.
Because no one in the family pays much attention to my rules I suppose I will be the only one following them.

Speaking of junk...thrifted clock $6 and framed vintage B&W photo of NYC $2...score.

Having said that, my simplification calls for less...
less objects to dust, less clutter, just plain old less.
One comes in two must go out, at least in theory, haha.

Oh but I could not resist a little orange.
This IKEA rug was love at first sight 
when I saw KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms using it in her gatehouse.
Orange just keeps calling me.
Gold too.
Maybe it is the coming change of season.
Or just that orange and gold are plain pretty.

Enough playtime.
Apparently I need to do a bit of vacuuming.
Two of the dogs are at the groomers getting shaved.
Can they shave cats too?
Boy that would really cut down on the work around here.
I doubt the cats would be amused.
I can just picture the scathing disdain...

Do you ever feel like everything is complete?
Do we ever finish?
Life is definitely a work in progress.
Goals change, needs change, tastes change.
One thing that remains constant is my joy at visiting all of you.
A little stretch of time to fill my eyes with images and my heart with words.

I really will try to be a better blogger.
Also, I haven't eliminated all of the coloriness.
I just can't get a good photo of my front room.
Any tips on interior photography would be gratefully received.

Wow, I am all over the place today.
Anyhoo, glad to be checking in.

Yours in just plain living, P.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blisters on my Fingers and a Smile on my Face

City Flea is coming up this Saturday.
I think I finally have my rhythm down for these shows.

I used to be in a panic before a big antique or craft show.
No more. 
I think it is partially learning how to handle things more efficiently.
Really though, I believe my blog friends Debby and Denise have imparted some truth in their comments to my post about bounty.
Having cancer can change you in a good way.
At least the type I had.
Treatable and operable and able to be put in the rearview mirror.

I am crafting away happily and what gets finished will.
Finger burns are nothing compared to radiation burns.
No stress.

I think this is the most focused and productive I have been in a long while.
Live for the moment as that is what we have been given.
I even have the van filled with some mid century goodies to fill out my space at City Flea.
I am slowly switching my shows from all vintage to artsy/craftsy with a 
few choice vintage pieces mixed in.
Enjoying the process as much as the finished product.

If you are in the Cincinnati area this weekend stop and say hello.
I will be the girl in the red glasses with the burned fingers and a big smile.

The soldering iron is calling.
Talk later.

Yours in the happy places, P.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Emerald Green, the Color of 2013

Did you embrace Emerald this year?
Have you added a touch in your home?
Admission time here.
I was a bit slow to really accept this deep grassy green but , whether it is because of summer, or the fact that I found this a perfect accent to my charcoal bedroom,
 I have suddenly been consumed with emerald.

A few thrifted treasures in luscious green.
Don't get me started on the horse head trend either.
I could not resist this lamp base.
It may sit at my bedroom table as is for a bit.
Then maybe I will wire it...or not.
My son is crazy for it too, so it may end up in his hands.
Chess, and therefore chess pieces, are one of his passions.

The shelf thing a ma bob was picked up for resale but now I am thinking what a perfect jewelry rack for the bedroom. 
Do you find it hard to part with treasures you buy with the intent of selling?
We buy what we love.

Speaking of love, my hubs collects these vintage Streitmann tins.
His grandfather was the head baker at Streitmann's Bakery, which is now Keebler.
That is his grandfather, Frank Kern, on the tin.
How cool is that?
These are hard to find.
He lucked out this past weekend when we went vintage shopping on a whim.
Meant to be.

This noble steed was a Goodwill find! Lovely.

Torn on this green shelf/rack.
Stay or go?
Do I leave the streaks of white paint or try to touch it up?
What do I give up in order to keep this vintage sweetie?
You know the rule...
If something comes in, something else must go.
If not we would be buried in an avalanche of junk!

Yours in color, P.
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Saturday, August 10, 2013


The property of copious abundance.
We are surrounded by it.
Do we realize the bounty around us?

Having been waylaid by a bump in the road we sometimes miss that bounty.
We get stuck by what tripped us up instead.
Feeling that summer had passed me by while daily radiation treatments kept me from the sunshine I failed to realize all that I was missing.
I was too focussed on what was happening to my body to look outside myself.

Time wasted.
Lesson learned.
Do not allow a negative event take away from all of the bounty that surrounds us, 
even in those times when things turn dark.
There is always a glimmer, some pleasure, in even the worst days.

Glass half full has always been my way, but I almost let that slip, almost spilled that fullness.
Thankfully I caught that glass just in time and have filled it to the brim with possibility.
No matter your circumstance please find some joy in each day.
The days are precious and not to be wasted.

I cannot tell you how full of gratitude I am.
God has blessed me with healing and bounty.
I pray for the same for each of you.

I have some exciting things in my future.
I cannot wait to share again, and grow and change and enjoy your company along the path.
"Dwell in possibility" as Emily Dickinson wrote.

Yours gratefully, P.
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