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Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Monday, July 22, 2013

Where Do You Fit In?

Lately the question foremost in my mind has been
"What is my place in all of this."
All of this being life. Not LIFE but life as in daily life and what to do in that daily life.
Do you find yourself trying to fit in to a spot that just doesn't feel quite right?
So you rethink and rehash and start to redo and still...
just not the fit that works for you.
Something always holds us back. 
Finances, worry about what others will say, worry about taking time from those around who need you,
too old, too young, should be doing A when I want to do B, all can keep us from finding that perfect, or at least, better, fit.

Time to sweep all those what ifs and if only's away and do something.
I did, a couple of things, not ready to tell all yet but a big step for me.
A step I kept telling myself I was too old for.
A step that isn't the one I thought I was going to take.
Hang in there and I will tell all in a bit. 
It may not be terribly exciting but for me I think I have found at least one part of life 
that will be a good fit.
Now I just have to finish a few more docs appointments and treatments and I am putting this breast cancer behind me and moving on to something new.

What basket are you trying to squeeze yourself into?
Have you found the one that is just right?
Don't feel alone.
Share with us.

Yours in finding joy, P.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

God's Green Earth

Just feeling blessed that we are able to tend our little corner of it.

Wishing you happiness and health and all the blessings of this beautiful world, P.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding Your Purpose (Blog Style)

How do you define your blog? 
How do you define the combination of your social media presence?
Is there a specific theme, a single idea, or is it a part of something bigger in your life?
Hecks, do we even need to have a purpose other than the fact that blogging, etc. makes us happy?
I have been ruminating on the daily pleasures and tasks that make up my life at this moment in time.
It seems to me that what I spend time doing must have some sort of boundaries or quotation marks.
A way to be sure not to waste precious time.
A definition.

This blog began as a fun way to share with other bloggers and readers.
I love the mass of creativity out there and wanted to soak in all that I could hold.
Life, as it will, took an unexpected turn.
I spoke about that here and here.
Here too.
Now I look at this space as a way to promote my still newish vintage and art business while sharing all of the fun and thoughts and changes that make a life.
Making life pretty.
That's it!
My theme.
I spend much of my time making.
Making art, painting furniture, crafting and decorating Frippery Farmhouse.

Creating for events like the upcoming City Flea this Saturday in Washington Park.
Lace and images captured under glass are in the process of being soldered.

Collages evoking peaceful dreamy landscapes or the lacy web of a busy spider.
Affordable, original pieces that I love sending off to a good home.

Then comes life.
The garden needs tending, 
the laundry is piling up and I just finished my last day of radiation.
All chores but good chores in the long run.
Getting tasks completed gives us a sense of well being despite the drudgery.

Of course the radiation part is another one of those life turns that we would rather do without.
Part of life is rolling with it.
I would like to chat about this further in another post but all is good.

When I try to separate life and pretty it kind of runs together like watercolor.
Life is composed of necessity and choice and joy.
All of that can be pretty if we look at it through the proper lens.

Life is a bounty.
We just have to harvest slowly and tend it carefully.
We must work to make it pretty.
Pretty in our own eyes.
Everyone has different eyes through which they see. 
That different way of seeing is what can make 
the social interaction available today incredibly interesting.

What makes life pretty is the fact that we are out here, making and living and collecting and working to make it so.
Sometimes that consists of the more mundane jobs, such as cleaning giant plastic letters for a show.
Cutting the grass and weeding the garden. get it.
The fact that we are living, we have a life, makes each of these bits beautiful.
We just have to polish those lenses to see the pretty in our world.

My theme will be Making Life Pretty.
Remind me of that when I am staring at 5 loads of backed up laundry and no clean undies in sight.
How about you.
What is your reason to be here?
Do you need a definition or is simple pleasure enough?

I will be on the porch waiting to hear.
(Once the laundry is finished and the weeding is done.)

Yours in making life pretty, P.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Low Cost Master Bedroom Reveal

The post that almost wasn't...
How the hecks do you get a decent interior shot of a somewhat dark room???
The light from the windows totally blows the shot out and if I use lights everything looks pink.
So, here it is, the best a girl like me can do.

Poor photo skills aside I adore my new bedroom.
Cozy and tidy, a mix of masculine and feminine, vintage and industrial...

My desk area is a favorite spot.
All these pieces came from shopping the house or from my stash of Goodwill finds.
The lamp was destined to be sold at the City Flea until I nabbed it as the perfect piece for this little area.
A $14.00 shade from Garden Ridge was all it needed.
The botanical chart is a poster I bought on etsy from  KSarah Designs.
I added two dowels with hot glue and wrapped the ends with some string 
to make it look more chart like.

My Grandmother's vanity set and my Father-in-Law's hair brushes are displayed on the dresser.

The green in the chalk board is just the right accent for the charcoal walls.
I just need to find the perfect quote to add a bit of chalk art.
The paint is a Behr match to a Restoration Hardware color used in our local store.
I believe it is just called Charcoal.
I fell hard for that color.

I posted here about my super easy board and batten wall treatment.
Very happy with that wall.
The mirror is a Home Goods purchase from years ago. 
I stole it from the powder room which is next on the make over list.

Ikea curtains and pillow are new.
Well, one pair is new, the other used to be in the dining room, but that's a story for another day.
The lamps are Ikea too, and were originally used in the studio.
I wanted a bed that is simple to make. No piles of pillows or fancy shams and twenty sheets and coverlets to fold back just so.
A simple charcoal quilt from TJ and plain grey pillowcases.
I can make that bed in less than a minute.

I am spying some cords and a little messiness, but hey, real life here. 
Close up of the accent wall.
The bed is a long ago purchase from Overstock.
I am over it, but it will have to do for now.

The armoire and dresser have been ours since we bought them for our first home. 
Deco style from the 20's or 30's and they had seen lot's of wear.
They have been recently revamped with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
You can read about it here.

I only wish you could join me for a personal tour to get the full effect.
I promise it is soooo much better than my photographs.
I guess I need to practice some interior photo skills.
Any suggestions?
We could have a glass of wine and talk about it.
Really, I need LOT'S of help!
I might need some bed making skills too.
But hey, what do you want for under a minute?.

Yours in the bumps and wrinkles of life, P.
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