What I Have Learned from Breast Cancer

A life lesson from breast cancer.
Nothing usually goes as planned but we certainly spend a lot of time planning anyway.
I have learned a bit about unexpected events in the last several years but especially this past year.
Things happen, we have no real control, 
so we need to sway and bend instead of standing rigid or we will break.
Simple enough in theory but I think I have finally learned to practice bending and swaying.
In fact it is quite an enjoyable way to spend a life.

Let go of all of those perfect plans.
Make room for the unexpected.
That way, when it comes you won't crack.
You will dance with it.
Of course we still need to make plans, it is part of creativity.
Just loosen them up a bit.
All those carefully laid plans can be such a hinderance and lead to disappointment.
Make sketches instead of creating blueprints.
Bring an eraser for last minute changes.
Pencils instead of ink.
I have found so much more peace living this way in the past year.
I still plan, but I am ready for what life brings and I will spin and leap and sway with it.
How about you?

Yours in the unexpected, P.

P.S. Unexpected find at ReStore, two gorgeous yellow velvet chairs for my sitting room. $18.00 each! What?
You heard me!


Dewena Callis said…
Sketches instead of blueprints. I like that. And it sounds so much friendlier too.
trash talk said…
I love you so much it makes me cry.
Forever yours,
P.S. M.L. loves you too.
Debby said…
As I have said to you before, cancer changes you so much. But usually it is in a good way. Wish we could meet someday. I think we would have a lot to talk about. Love those chairs. Also loving all your costume pictures.
sissie said…
Hi Pam,
Your words are so inspirational to those who have walked in your shoes. Thank you for sharing them.

My niece was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 42 and has a 12 year old son.I am going to pass along your thoughts to her.

Nita Stacy said…
Love your new chairs! And oh...your words are so true. I love the thought of making sketches instead of blueprints. I've learned to live in the moment in my life. I used to have everything planned out and then when everything went wrong...I just quit. I quit planning or trying.

But I've now learned you have to be flexible and Today, I'm sketching and doing the best I can at the moment and appreciating what I have and trying very hard not to cry over what is lost. All my best to you.

Thanks for your words of wisdom.
Denise Duffy said…
Well said! It does indeed change your life! LOVE the velvet chairs. What a bargain!
Hopemore Studio said…
Pam, You are doing a great job of letting it roll!! I've always been a believer that we should let our lives play out this way, yes goals are perfect to keep us heading in a direction but when life throws us a curve it's best to just go with it, rather than offer resistance.

The yellow chairs are fantastic. Why is it when I go to the restore I find office chairs and 30 year old sales counters?...lol. And that IKEA pillow is perfect, Maria was eyeballing those today!
Dear Pam..
Well, I read that $18 price tag and said exactly that... "WHAT??" :)
GREAT find!
Cancer has taught me about life too..I never take any of my children for granted..or..anyone else. It has done a number on my life.
If something I plan doesn't go right..I don't even care...and that's the truth. Not any more. I bend every day or I wouldn't make it.
My love to you!!
Ellen Reed said…
pure poetry.....smiles!
Brandi said…
Your words are very comforting. Learning that life is so unexpected has helped me tremendously as I grieve for my parents. Thank you for sharing such inspirational words.

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