I Am Woman, Roaring

With apologies to Katy Perry and Helen Reddy.
If you have visited here occasionally, you know that Frippery Farmhouse has experienced a down turn in recent years. I posted about that way back here, and here.
We have bucked up, born the load, yada yada.

Four years, even laughing about it, like here.
How long do we have to make lemonade ???
I am becoming sour.

This year has been the one that pushed me over the edge...
breast cancer, the last of our retirement savings, crushing medical bills...never cried once this year.
Nothing can break through this shell.
But fate said, not enough, and on the day before our 28th anniversary I lost the setting out of my engagement ring, diamonds and all.
Not at home, somewhere else, no clue...
Big ugly crying face...over and over.
I know, its a thing right?
But it was the last thing I felt I had from our old, less scary life.

OK...enough...no more.
I told whatever cosmic wheel that has been trying to crush us to back off.
"Don't make me turn around and take my earrings off."
Karma should be trembling right about now.

No matter what we lose in life, there is always something left.
I have the ring of my husbands love around me.
The man who has honored and cherished me and treated me like a queen these many years.
We don't need no stinking diamonds.

I will, however, continue to roar.
So watch out if you sneak up behind me and tap me on the shoulder.
In between rages, I will count my blessings, 
but not too loudly, 
Wouldn't want to tempt fate.

Remember, even if things seem to be at their lowest, find something to rejoice in.
Just don't draw too much attention to yourself because the cosmos is fickle.

One more apology.
This one to Gloria Gaynor...
I will survive.

Back to happiness, fun and frivolity here...promise.

Thanks, my friends, for listening, P.


Debby said…
So sorry it has been such a rough year. I have been there for sure with the job and the major salary cut back. We had to sell all our fun things.....and then my engagement heat shaped ring was stolen. It is a little better here these days but the future is scary. I think you have had an amazing attitude. Glad that you have a sweet hubby to be by your side. That helps a lot. I hope things get better. I hope that your diamond show up. My friend lost a special expensive bracelet , she thought at my son's wedding. We looked all over the church and the parking lot. No luck. Then about 9 months later I came home and saw something sparkle on the ground. There is was. It had been through all the winters snow. Amazing. So it can happen. I realize a loose diamond is a needle in a haystack. Take care my friend. (((((HUGS))))
Dewena Callis said…
You have a well-earned right to roar and cry and stamp your blogging feet. And never think for a moment that we don't want to hear about it. We're there with you through all the ups and downs but hoping so much that the ups will prevail now.

Roar on. Whatever it takes. And the husband is a very good thing. I'm sure that he is so grateful you are here to love.
I know how you feel, having experienced the same things you have..plus the loss of my daughter...however, just a reminder that you don't owe us "up" posts all the time. NOT even! As I have been told over and over by other bloggers, this is YOUR blog. Say what you want..and at the same time..I do what you thing you should do. Try not to dwell on the bad things that happen to us in life.
My blog was supposed to be a "writting" blog..and I ended up attempting to keep up with the Jones, which I have fallen WAY short of!! :)
You lost ALL of your diamonds out of your ring? Or did you lose your whole diamond ring. It was sort of unclear..however, I am sorry for it. I had to replace my diamond in my ring..twice! :) Very upsetting. And yes, you have his love to keep you warm. Hmmm..where have I heard those words before??
Hugs to you..and you roar all you want.
At the heaviest of the battle is when our FAITH is tested the most! Keep the faith, Put on the whole armor of God, and BELIEVE! Weeping may endureth for the night, but joy cometh in the morning. You are more than a survivor....you are a conquerer thru Christ! Praying for your situation.....God will see you through! Roxie
Ellen Reed said…
these tough times tend to drive me a bit batty.....I hope you are having a good day today, I have to try to stay in the moment myself.....smiles!
sharon oler said…
Love to you dear one! I one lost my great grandmothers gold locket the one my great grandfather had given her before they were married! It lasted all these generations and I lost it! I still grieve over it! One gift I see you still have also is that awesome sence of humor! You go girl you go!
Hopemore Studio said…
While being brave and strong is a great thing sometimes we all need a good cry. I am so sorry about your ring, it is quite unfair.

You guys are stronger than the craziness that keeps getting tossed at you. I know you will 'survive'. Just know I am thinking about you and sending you peaceful thoughts.


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