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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flipped Out

Flip, say it a few times quickly...
funny word. 
One of those words that denote comedy, like a circus, or Flip Wilson...yes I am THAT old.
Or maybe 
a bit of insanity, as in flipping one's lid.
Could be just plain rude as in an angry hand gesture or the act of being flippant.
Not sure where this post fits in all the realms of flipness.

In an attempt to get some home maintenance done, while balancing the new job, the business, making art, stocking the antique booth and being included in a fabulous new local arts collective I decided to start on the front porch.
It was looking quite shabby.
These generic coach lamps have never been my favorite
 but replacements are not currently in the budget.

They tend to fill up with all manner of leaves and spider nests and unidentifiable detritus.
I am glad I can't identify most of crawling.
Barely any light was passing through the glass at this point.
Donning gloves, I went to work cleaning them up.
I found it quite difficult to get my hand down into the opening after removing the top.
So, being flipping brilliant, I disconnected them and turned them over to clean them.

Sparkling clean and ...wait....
maybe they don't look so bad upside down?
Always ready for a change around here.
I left them this way.

Weird or freaking awesome?
Not quite sure yet, but I think I like them better this way.
Until I find a flipping fantastic deal on the perfect fixtures they are staying.

Tell me your honest opinion.
Is this a desperate and failed attempt at changing the look of my boring porch lights?
Or is it so flipping awesome that it just might work for a while?

I am off to see what else I can flip.
Enjoy your day my friends.

Yours in a topsy turvy world, P.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Am Woman, Roaring

With apologies to Katy Perry and Helen Reddy.
If you have visited here occasionally, you know that Frippery Farmhouse has experienced a down turn in recent years. I posted about that way back here, and here.
We have bucked up, born the load, yada yada.

Four years, even laughing about it, like here.
How long do we have to make lemonade ???
I am becoming sour.

This year has been the one that pushed me over the edge...
breast cancer, the last of our retirement savings, crushing medical bills...never cried once this year.
Nothing can break through this shell.
But fate said, not enough, and on the day before our 28th anniversary I lost the setting out of my engagement ring, diamonds and all.
Not at home, somewhere else, no clue...
Big ugly crying face...over and over.
I know, its a thing right?
But it was the last thing I felt I had from our old, less scary life. more.
I told whatever cosmic wheel that has been trying to crush us to back off.
"Don't make me turn around and take my earrings off."
Karma should be trembling right about now.

No matter what we lose in life, there is always something left.
I have the ring of my husbands love around me.
The man who has honored and cherished me and treated me like a queen these many years.
We don't need no stinking diamonds.

I will, however, continue to roar.
So watch out if you sneak up behind me and tap me on the shoulder.
In between rages, I will count my blessings, 
but not too loudly, 
Wouldn't want to tempt fate.

Remember, even if things seem to be at their lowest, find something to rejoice in.
Just don't draw too much attention to yourself because the cosmos is fickle.

One more apology.
This one to Gloria Gaynor...
I will survive.

Back to happiness, fun and frivolity here...promise.

Thanks, my friends, for listening, P.
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