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Monday, August 12, 2013

Emerald Green, the Color of 2013

Did you embrace Emerald this year?
Have you added a touch in your home?
Admission time here.
I was a bit slow to really accept this deep grassy green but , whether it is because of summer, or the fact that I found this a perfect accent to my charcoal bedroom,
 I have suddenly been consumed with emerald.

A few thrifted treasures in luscious green.
Don't get me started on the horse head trend either.
I could not resist this lamp base.
It may sit at my bedroom table as is for a bit.
Then maybe I will wire it...or not.
My son is crazy for it too, so it may end up in his hands.
Chess, and therefore chess pieces, are one of his passions.

The shelf thing a ma bob was picked up for resale but now I am thinking what a perfect jewelry rack for the bedroom. 
Do you find it hard to part with treasures you buy with the intent of selling?
We buy what we love.

Speaking of love, my hubs collects these vintage Streitmann tins.
His grandfather was the head baker at Streitmann's Bakery, which is now Keebler.
That is his grandfather, Frank Kern, on the tin.
How cool is that?
These are hard to find.
He lucked out this past weekend when we went vintage shopping on a whim.
Meant to be.

This noble steed was a Goodwill find! Lovely.

Torn on this green shelf/rack.
Stay or go?
Do I leave the streaks of white paint or try to touch it up?
What do I give up in order to keep this vintage sweetie?
You know the rule...
If something comes in, something else must go.
If not we would be buried in an avalanche of junk!

Yours in color, P.
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