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Friday, August 30, 2013

Chilling on a Hot Summer Day

Wow, summer is almost over and NOW we get the summer weather...
It is simply too hot to work on the garden.
Do you ever feel guilty for just taking time to sit back and chill a bit?
On your day off do you constantly have all those must do's tugging at you?

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take a little PTO and just indulge.
A stack of magazines, the iPad and a tall glass of cucumber water...

It is just stifling outside and I have the inside mostly under control...(snort) why not?

How about you?
Same issues with taking time for yourself?
I never had this problem when I was younger.

As in before marriage and children.
After 28 years it is time to get back to it.

Lets kick back and enjoy a little me time.
Oh, and before you ask, I am willing to share my recipe for cucumber water.
Cucumber slices and water...
We are taking it easy after all.

Yours in taking a moment, P.
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Denise Duffy said...

Oh...gotta go write down that recipe! haha. Just in a silly mood today! It's around 100 degrees here today. Mother nature can be so mean!

trash talk said...

Here in Texas we are cool as a cucumber...not!
At my age no guilt...none whatsoever.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good morning! I'm taking time off from everything, even writing my blog. Isn't it nice..just kicking back and doing almost nothing. One of my fun things, is to visit my favorite blogs..and say "Howdy!"
Cucumber water you say? Sounds lovely!

Peggy said...

Sometimes it's hard to find that balance and spend some time on ourselves isn't it? We know we deserve it but as soon as we sit down five minutes later we think of something that we could be doing. It takes a lot of discipline not to hop up and get er done. We need that down time ..and deserve it.