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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding Your Purpose (Blog Style)

How do you define your blog? 
How do you define the combination of your social media presence?
Is there a specific theme, a single idea, or is it a part of something bigger in your life?
Hecks, do we even need to have a purpose other than the fact that blogging, etc. makes us happy?
I have been ruminating on the daily pleasures and tasks that make up my life at this moment in time.
It seems to me that what I spend time doing must have some sort of boundaries or quotation marks.
A way to be sure not to waste precious time.
A definition.

This blog began as a fun way to share with other bloggers and readers.
I love the mass of creativity out there and wanted to soak in all that I could hold.
Life, as it will, took an unexpected turn.
I spoke about that here and here.
Here too.
Now I look at this space as a way to promote my still newish vintage and art business while sharing all of the fun and thoughts and changes that make a life.
Making life pretty.
That's it!
My theme.
I spend much of my time making.
Making art, painting furniture, crafting and decorating Frippery Farmhouse.

Creating for events like the upcoming City Flea this Saturday in Washington Park.
Lace and images captured under glass are in the process of being soldered.

Collages evoking peaceful dreamy landscapes or the lacy web of a busy spider.
Affordable, original pieces that I love sending off to a good home.

Then comes life.
The garden needs tending, 
the laundry is piling up and I just finished my last day of radiation.
All chores but good chores in the long run.
Getting tasks completed gives us a sense of well being despite the drudgery.

Of course the radiation part is another one of those life turns that we would rather do without.
Part of life is rolling with it.
I would like to chat about this further in another post but all is good.

When I try to separate life and pretty it kind of runs together like watercolor.
Life is composed of necessity and choice and joy.
All of that can be pretty if we look at it through the proper lens.

Life is a bounty.
We just have to harvest slowly and tend it carefully.
We must work to make it pretty.
Pretty in our own eyes.
Everyone has different eyes through which they see. 
That different way of seeing is what can make 
the social interaction available today incredibly interesting.

What makes life pretty is the fact that we are out here, making and living and collecting and working to make it so.
Sometimes that consists of the more mundane jobs, such as cleaning giant plastic letters for a show.
Cutting the grass and weeding the garden. get it.
The fact that we are living, we have a life, makes each of these bits beautiful.
We just have to polish those lenses to see the pretty in our world.

My theme will be Making Life Pretty.
Remind me of that when I am staring at 5 loads of backed up laundry and no clean undies in sight.
How about you.
What is your reason to be here?
Do you need a definition or is simple pleasure enough?

I will be on the porch waiting to hear.
(Once the laundry is finished and the weeding is done.)

Yours in making life pretty, P.
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Dewena Callis said...

"Then comes life." How right you are, Pam. First, I'm so glad you finished your last round of radiation. Next, do you, can you, have any idea of the importance of this post? You speak for most of us, simply and beautifully. Your post helps my mind feel more organized because I can so easily flounder back and forth with these questions, these daily decisions...and these "blog" reasons.

I want to read this post over and over. I thank you for your wisdom and for sharing this with me here.

Life is always going to happen, isn't it?

Your theme is glorious, Pam.

Art and Sand said...

1. I am so glad that Dewena sent me your way via her blog post today or else I might never have found youi.

2. I am glad you are done with radiation - it sounds like your attitude is perfect for kicking whatever it is.

3. Oh, I so agree with you about making life pretty.

4. Why am I blogging? I just told another blogger this last night. I blog to keep me being creative. If I want to blog (and I find I enjoy writing) then I need to have things to write about other than, "made cupcakes today". If I want to have topics to write about, then I must create or decorate. My blog is about my creations, my garden, my house, how I decorate them both.

5. I look forward to coming back to explore more, but I have laundry calling to me, curtains to sew and most important, the dog is telling us it is time to take her to the beach before the lifeguards chase her off.

Olive said...

Dewena sent me here . Love your thoughts. I love to blog but recently have been pulled in numerous other directions. I tell my Joe all the time "We do not do tacky we do pretty." Thankyou for this post, Olive

Peggy said...

I read your post and tears came...not sad tears. It's just that you were able to express all the things I think about as I blog. The blog started just for me. I wanted a record of my existence. I wanted a way to save pictures. I didn't care if no one read it but me. I am not a great writer but just wanted to put my life down in words and photos your words said it all. Thank you for blogging and sharing. Peggy from PA

Lottie said...

Dewena sent me, too! You have a lovely blog and I am so glad I found you!

Becky Jerdee said...

Hi there,
Coming over from Dewena's and find I have your question to answer :)
I've blogged for 5 years at, a style of my own invention that I dream of living someday. As you said, "then comes life" and I can't really execute the dream. And maybe I don't care. I have a lovely life as it is and the blogging just got boring. So I put it on a sabbatical leave to give myself some time away. I think I'll still want to return because the pretty style has been such a creative outlet and challenge. Meanwhile, I'm entertaining myself with a blog about recycling and giving things a second life or cutting clutter.
Fun post :)

Marisa B said...

Hello Ms. Pam, Thank you for inviting me to your porch; I actually would love to sit and join you for a while and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing! My name is Marisa, Dewena sent me over and I am so grateful for your post and happy to read it....1st do I or can congratulate you for your last radiation! Why do I blog ...well I blog so that my children sees their mom loving words and writing, I blog because I need to write, my main blog is about food and that also started so that my kids see food as a positive source, that dinners are shared and meals are not competitive. Thank you again to you and Ms. Dewena!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Hi Pam, I'm so happy to hear this wraps up the radiation treatments. I can't tell you how much I admire everything you do with all the trials that life has tossed your way. I hate to say it, but I'm a lousy blogger. I started blogging so my daughter that was overseas could check in on home. For me it's just more of a very generic journal. I've never been as comfortable being in the spotlight. Also I hate to admit it but all those mundane chores are much more important to me than, I think, most people. If chaos is starting to show I get stressed out. It must be an age thing. It didn't used to bother me. Now I have to be on top of all the everyday chores. But you do it all so well haha. Much luck to you and the sale. I wish I lived closer. I would love to see your area.

Debby said...

Great post my friend. I hope we can meet somewhere this summer. I miss you. Wish I was feeling like a road trip to come see your show. (((((HUGS(((((

Mary Ann said...

Sent by Deweena, and I'm glad I came.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Pam..
I am another one that loved this post. I began my blog as a sort of journal..something for my friends and family to be printed for later. A bit of my every day life..
I have NO idea what it is now. I've been through it all.. :) Wanting to keep up with everyone..wanting to be like everyone else with their wonderful power blogs..and ended up feeling inadequate. Now I am on cruise control. :) Kickin' back and enjoying the ride!
Big hugs for such a nice post!

trash talk said...

Two brain. Girl, these are some of the thoughts that have been rolling around in my half of it.
Jenn and I were talking yesterday about how some are born to build a better mousetrap and others to make the world pretty. You sweetheart have been blessed. You can do both, both visually and in your gift of wordsmithing. (Is that a word? now)
You are in my head constantly and always in my prayers. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am you have finished up with the radiation wrangle.
Not only am I gonna polish my lens, but I think I will polish my outlook and steal...ahem...borrow yours. You make me happy and to the question of why I blog? If I'm fortunate to make one more friend like you...that is reason enough.
LYttH and back!

tammy j said...

i'm another follower of dewena!
and so glad to visit here.
i read about your trip down the rabbit hole as you so vividly called it... and my heart felt the fear and loss for you. and yet you have not only survived... you are blooming as surely as the beautiful garden you keep! you have a resilient shining spirit and it shows dear one.
this is a lovely place. i will return over and over! my prayers for your good health. god speed.

Leanne said...

I tried to post a comment yesterday via my phone and clearly it didn't stick.

First, I didn't come here via Dewena (*grin*).

Second, I'm having issues finding a purpose for my blog. It seems to be pretty much me writing to me and I do a lot more writing to me in private journaling and so ... why do I blog? Maybe I'm not asking the right questions for conversation, maybe it *is* just too "me me me". I dunno, so I'm still posting to it but wondering about why.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Like Leanne, I am "wondering why." Not sure I have a purpose for my blog..and never really thought I needed one. I'm afraid I, is it okay to have a blog with no purpose? Hmmmm? I shall think more on this. Maybe. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Dewena sent me and my blog is, largely, about encouraging others while, sometimes, being encouraged myself. Dave, my husband, died 11/11 and life has been a huge struggle; blogging has allowed others to pray for me, to stand in the gap and prayer has carried me this far.
I've learned so much, have tried to share that hard won knowledge and there are still mountains to climb and miles to go before I sleep.
Like Billy Graham said, "You live. You suffer. You die. Fortunately, there's a loophole."
Bless God for His loophole!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You rock out loud! (Deweena sent me)