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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Minutes to a Tidier Room

That whole ten minute philosophy got me going.
If the goal is making life simpler then the first way to do that is 
to streamline the cleaning process.
Collectors, artists, visual people love to display their scrumptious eye candy.
Not so good when it is time to dust and clean.

A ten minute reduction in my table top nicky knackies made a world of difference in my space.
It just feels more...well...spacious!

Edited side tables leave room for a glass or to rest a book when you are finished reading.

A wall of art is easier to dust than a pile of vintage books that must be moved each time you would like to use this little table for notes or sketching.

The glass doors have been moved to the dining room.
No more contortions just to vacuum behind them or reach around for the ipad charger
in the outlets they happened to cover.

Still working on the serving cabinet.
It needs to be ready to serve.
Taking stock of what is clutter and what is useful can make 
a huge change in the ease of everyday living.
Don't let all that junk bog you down.
Ten minutes towards freedom each day.

Take ten with me, P.
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Dewena Callis said...

I like your idea and the pictures. It especially looks appealing in January. I am torn between the idea of this and the idea of layering but think the need to layer seems to come more in the fall.

Leanne said...

This I need to do. I've already done one winnowing pass. The next step is to get the boxes of winnowed stuff out of the house so I can move onto the next level of decluttering. I have two rooms that are supposed to be havens that aren't because of the clutter...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! It's a continual proces that's for sure. Then comes Valentine's Day and the antique Valentines I like to sprinkle here and there :(