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Friday, January 18, 2013

Projects, Deadlines and How to Keep Moving Forward

This morning the weather forecaster related some statistics that seemed to be a metaphor for life.
Life is just like the weather in Cincinnati.
Today, the high will be 39 degrees, but the record high for this date was 70 and the record low was -25.
Almost 100 degrees variance.
Living here you never know what the weather will throw at you from one day to the next, 
even all in one day for that matter.
Just like life.

So roll with it.
Grab 10 minutes each day and work towards a goal.
Take 10 projects and give each of them 10 minutes. 
Or give one project 10 chunks of ten throughout the day.
Not an hour and forty all at once, just 10 here and there.
Obviously some projects will need a chunk of time once you get going, but moving towards actually doing a project may take ten minutes of prep here and there so you are ready to devote a large chunk of time when you have it.
That's over 11 hours toward your goals each week!

The biggest projects needing to be tackled around Frippery Farmhouse are...
1) Get the bins from Christmas put away. (Yes they are still stacked neatly in a corner of the dining room.)
2) Finish the Master Bedroom trim and final details.
3) Redo the Master bath on a very tight budget.
4) Make the laundry room workable to actually be comfy doing laundry.
5) Add a door to the office so barking dogs do not interrupt every phone conversation.
6) Powder room redo.
7) Improve the lighting in the family room.
8) Fix and upholster the thrifted dining room chairs.
9) Floors, floors, floors...
10) Coat closet, my redo did not work as well as I hoped. Time to rethink.

There are more but 10 is such a nice even number.
Now that list could seem overwhelming but thinking in 10 minute spurts it just may be doable.
I will start back at my full time temp job in two weeks, 10 1/2 hours away will leave little time at home.
But that is part of flowing in the river of change.
Ten minutes a day may be all I have some no frets...
it is still a step toward a goal.

Oh, and deadlines too.
10 weeks, ten days, ten hours, set a reasonable time to finish each goal or project.
That gives a sense of responsibility to complete each one.
So are you with me? 
Let's see where this gets us.
Maybe my 2013 word should be TEN...

Yours in accomplishments, P.
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sharon oler said...

Really enjoying your blog!

sharon oler said...

Very much enjoy your blog!