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Monday, January 7, 2013

Nature Inspired Winter Mantel

After the clutter of the holidays are you looking for a fresh palette?
The reds and greens are packed away and some wintery whites and browns have replaced them.

Shopping the house makes it so easy to change and rearrange things until it feels just right.
It was hard to part with the lights because I love them so.
 I left them for about a minute.
They have since been removed because sometimes we just have to say good bye, 
or at least farewell until next Christmas.

Shed antlers and a rustic lantern with the colors of a woodland in winter.
Strawberry baskets, weathered porch molding and a few little birds to remind us of 
the promise of warmer days to come.

Now do I leave the doors with the black side showing or flip them to the white side?
Simple enough to do.
What do you think?

A little heart cutout from my friend Sandy,
a nod to Valentines day.
I will be back to my full time temp job by then, so this may be the extent of the Valentine decor.

How are you settling in to the winter months ahead?
Looking forward to spring or still enjoying the cozy days?

A bit of both around Frippery Farmhouse.

Off to visit you all for glimpses of what's up.
You do know what an inspiration you are to me.
Thanks friends, P.
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Vintage Jane said...

I think I'd flip to white ... but then I am counting the days to Spring and warmer weather and brighter light. I love the weathered mouldings. M x

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the chilly weather. I love the glow of candles burning. For some reason I always think my home looks best in the cold months. Probably because I'm always drawn to the masculine Ralph Lauren style. Love the old architectural pieces you have incorporated into you decor! That adds instant warmth.

Denise said...

You have a way with your mantel decorating! You always have wonderful ideas.