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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decorating for Winter and About that Lamp...

Just stopping in to answer a question several of you asked before sitting down with friends and family to watch the Bengals win.
That lamp...

I had several emails, messages and comments on the lamp with the burlap shade.
You know that Frippery Farmhouse is decorated frugally.
You will not often find a new, off the shelf, purchase.
That lamp though, was bought brand new.

Not second hand or thrifted.
However, it was discounted.
I purchased that pretty thing at Big Lots, 
on sale mind you.
Shade and all.
I just could not pass it up.
I have not seen one at BL since but I did see one at Home Goods about a month ago.
Surely they are out there somewhere for those of you who love the hunt.

Enjoy your Saturday.
I am slowly taking down Christmas and leaving a touch of winter to light the days.
Go Bengals!
Who dey, P.
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Lynn said...

I go to Big Lots often to check put their goodies, but I have never found anything quite that wonderful! Way to go!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

LOVE your blog!!! You have a great and fresh style!!! LOVE the lamp and who would have thought... Big Lots!!!
I am a new follower!

Anonymous said...

Suh weeeet lampshade! Must go searching or it!

trash talk said...

I know a certain lady who is quite capable of making similar lampshades and selling 'em on Etsy. Not saying who...I think you know who you are!