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Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Paint or Not to...(you get the picture)

A few things came home with me from Springfield
Things that needed a bit of loving care before I hauled them to my space at Ohio Valley.
Chalk paint and painted furniture were everywhere at the Vintage Marketplace and I had to ask myself, are we going too far with this painted thing?
Don't get me wrong. I was a faux finisher and decorative painter for years. 
As the trend for residential walls slowly faded, furniture just escalated.
Now most big time finishers take on commercial projects but us small beans people can revamp a kitchen or a well loved piece of furniture to update it for a home owner.
That said here are a few pieces that truly did need a bit of coverup to make them pretty again.

A poorly painted piece of provincial could not help but be improved with some Provence blue.
Seriously ugly before.
Cuter and much more in keeping with a modern vintage vibe after.
Sold in a day!

The mirror next to the newly pretty table had a shiny brass (not in the good and trendy way) frame.
A bit of French Linen and Old White dry brushing and some dark wax and she sold right away as well.

A closer look at old Mr. Brassy all face lifted.

I have a kitschy love affair with those gold plastic Syroco wall sconces. 
However I can assure you no one who shops my space has the same adoration.
Add some paint and a bit of distressing and off the shelf they fly.

 Also, Ms. ugly brown telly desk. Bring on the Antoinette and she is a sweet little drawing desk for a budding artist or a perfect place for coffee and your iPad...

I am also in love right now with Annie Sloan's Antoinette
Pink has always been a favorite color of mine and this soft powdery shade is just yummcious. 
 I even painted my front door pink. 
It is now a perfectly hued entry to Frippery Farmhouse.

More of that kitschy gold transformed to fit with any elegant room.
You see what I mean?
Not everything should be painted just because we can, but some things simply NEED paint.

One more case in point.
I have had these very nice italian prints in hideous fake marble? burl? tortoise?  
...something... frames, forever.
I see these at Goodwill all the time.
I have just begun to add some paint.
Holy Cannoli!
Better already and not even half done.

These sweet things are heading for my dining room.
What do you think of the painted furniture trends?
Brights vs. pastels?
White everything?
All good?
Just wondering...

Yours in a rainbow fog, P.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty at any Age

I know flower metaphors have been used overmuch, but...
beauty and age have been on my mind.
Where better to find it than in the stages of flowering, 
from bud to full blossom 
and then overblown and 
faded to a rich patina at the edges?

Working over the last several months with a group of women all within ten or so years of my age plus or minus, there was much talk of aging.
Mostly about the change in appearance that happens with time.
I think that aspect of our society, that only youth has beauty, is a shame.
All of the celebs walking around with too youthful, slightly bizarre faces and bodies through modern medical techniques often seem sad to me.
I am not talking about the inner beauty that comes with age. 
The wisdom and layers of experience that create a deeply interesting individual
with much to share.

It is the fact that so many older women are compelled to try to look and dress like their daughters.
When did we lose the ability to age naturally and gracefully?
A woman can be lovely at any age.
Somehow beauty and sexiness have become entwined to the point that we believe 
we cannot have one without the other.
"Hotness" seems to be the only thing that matters

All young girls are beautiful and sexy.
That is their time to be fresh faced and attractive to young men.
We have all had our times in life to be what we were or are supposed to be at the appropriate age.
Each decade brings a new type of beauty.

Acceptance of age needs to be relearned.
We all want to look our best but half the fun of aging is to be your true self without all the baggage.
Look good and be a little eccentric.
Grace and style and a bit of wackiness is beautiful too.
I look forward to honing these traits to a fine edge.

Embrace your age whatever stage of life you are in.
We are all beautiful.

Yours in style and grace, P.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Vintage Marketplace

Lot's of beautiful painted pieces at the show.
I bought 3 more colors of Annie Sloane paint.
I use it often but the cost is prohibitive.
So not always.

There were some amazing displays in the Vintage Marketplace tents.
More like shops than places at a show.

I was very inspired to get my paint on again after working in a cube all these past weeks.
Beautiful colors.
I am happy to see color again.

The whites and grays are lovely, and the beachy blues are soothing 
but I am also wanting yellow and pink and peach.
How about you.
Is color on your decorating radar?

Let's play in the Crayola 64 pack and see what jumps out!

Yours in living color, P.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Living for the Weekend

Not anymore!
Now that my temp job has ended for the year I have a bit of time to breathe.
No more living for the freedom of weekends.
To celebrate, hubs took a day from work on Friday and we hit the Springfield Antique show and Vintage Market Place.
Oh yeah!
If I could redo my kitchen this sink would be the centerpiece

Everyone loves cubbies.
The storage possibilities are endless.
Hold me back, I am shopping for my Ohio Valley Antique Mall space and the shows I will be doing, not for greedy little me.
A lot of restraint is necessary.

I met one of my idols, lovely Theresa, and her charming husband Craig, of Time Worn Interiors.
Their space was amazing but of course I was too busy ogling the goods 
and did not manage to get more photos.

I also met up with my vintage loving pal, Carrie, of Junque Magnet and Kathy and Terri of Nostalgia's Cottage, who both had fantastic spaces at the Vintage Marketplace.
 Kathy is becoming quite the junk celebrity, just check out the website!  
Home to a lovely warm evening on the deck.

The kids had some friends over and we had a little cookout celebration.

My sweet baby girl turned 21 this past week.
 When did all those years pass?
The mother's lament.
Now we enjoy our time together as friends as well.
Sadie and I have the same sense of humor and we laugh together until the mascara runs right off!
Happy birthday my little peach.

Hubs got to put his feet up too as son Joe and his sweet girlfriend Brandi did the grilling.
My son has decided to dethrone dad as the grilling king.
Hubs is graciously conceding, for now at least.

Saturday morning, back to Springfield.
I would have loved to haul these letters home.

These too, but buying for resale, the price just wasn't right.
What happened to that disposable income, hahaha?

Let's not forget the FOLK barn.
Very creative stuff.
Of course as usual too much drooling not enough pics.

I will share more of the show sights, as well as what I did bring home, in a later post.
I have to get to cleaning and painting my finds!

Yours in the thrill of the hunt, P.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Time has gotten away from me.

The days fly so swiftly we barely notice their passage.

Moments so ephemeral we can barely grasp them.

All the wishing that time will stop and let us catch up is just that...a wish...
whispered on the wind and off it flies.

We must make a conscious effort to live in the moment.

Time will not wait for us.
Let us make the most of it when we can.

My temp job is over and I have my life back for a bit.
I intend to make the most of these free bits of time.
I have hopes and plans.
As a friend's dear mother used to say
"Wishin' ain't gettin'."
Let's make our dreams happen.
Join me.

Yours in making the most of our days, P.

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