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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Winter Stroll and the Twelve Days of Christmas

In this between time I have been mulling over a
 simply beautiful Christmas this year at Frippery Farmhouse.
Our whole extended family gathered under our roof.
A house full of love and laughter.
Oh yes... and snow!
A day late but still wonderful fluffy snow.
Now is the cozy break between Christmas and the New Year.

Have you taken down the decorations or do you like to enjoy them a while longer?

At Frippery Farmhouse we celebrate the traditional 12 days of Christmas 
and savor the sparkle until Epiphany.

We have even been known to host a Twelfth Night party in lieu of a New Years bash.
Everyone tends to be free that night...

Has you desire for a fresh, clutter free space overcome you?
Are you dismantling as we speak?
Or do you hesitate to say goodbye to the color and cheer?

Frippery Farmhouse will stayed dressed in her party clothes for a while yet.

Then she will slowly pack away her jewels,
one trinket at a time.
Fondly saying farewell until next year to each shiny bauble.

One or two sparkly pieces may even stay for a bit 
to brighten the January days.

Of course by January 6th, things do not look as fresh as when we began decking the halls.
But these decorations with which we so lovingly dress our holidays, 
always say "Welcome home."

Hope your Christmas was filled with peace and joy,
your holiday season was memorable,
and your New Year will be filled with bright days, P.
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Debby said...

Hoping for a peaceful sprakly new year for you and your family. Christmas was just wonderful this year. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh the snow, why does it look so much prettier at your house?? My decoration will begin to come down New Years Day, some will remain though until the 6th. I'm eager to redo my mantle to reflect this winter theme.

Dewena Callis said...

Your farmhouse is beautiful! And the snow is so lovely. The day after Christmas I thought I wanted to get the decorations down but then I discovered all I needed was a clean house. Now I'm still enjoying them, but I think the tree will come down tomorrow. Enjoy yours! I loved yesterday's tour.

Leanne said...

ours will stay up until Epiphany. The three wise men are currently traveling around the room toward the nativity...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

We always leave everything intact thru epiphany~~I love the soft glow of the lights in the dark of the year.
Then I just transition the little red tree into a Valentine tree, so we enjoy it a bit longer.
It seems so harsh to pack everything up the day after Christmas, and also makes the season seem, well, less significant.


sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Pam, Your pics of the winter scenery are breathtaking! Your Farmhouse nestled into the snow covered trees is Norman Rockwell Perfect! My indoor decorations are down, but I leave my wreaths on the windows of the farmhouse for a few more weeks. My mantle does keep some winter silver bling tho....I can imagine your home with all family and friends having a wonderful time for the holidays....That is what makes life with beautiful memories! Happy New Year 2013 and many blessings! Roxie

trash talk said...

Sadly, it comes down faster than it went up...even when doing only one box at a time. BUT...I'm leaving my little lights up in certain places just like a wonderful (insert you) friend told me I could. BTW...I'm reading everything I can find on Ephiphany, Twelve Days of Christmas and Little Christmas. It's fascinating and makes so much more sense. I'm also wondering why we put it all out before Christmas Eve instead of starting then.
Snow is probably the best thing for starting a clean, clear and shining new year.
LYttH darling lady!