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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painted Vintage China Cabinet and Thoughts on Dark and Light

I finished painting my thrifted china cabinet just in time for Thanksgiving.
Early morning sunlight doesn't show the painted finish to best advantage.
But the light and shadows were so indicative of my thoughts lately, that I snapped away.

This year's preamble to the Christmas season has me disappointed.
Really more ashamed.
Ashamed at the behavior of fellow citizens...
ashamed of the rampant consumerism that has replaced the season of giving with the season of greed...
ashamed of the retailers who somehow found it necessary to open on Thanksgiving...
ashamed of what we have done to the most beautiful time of the year.

I love the celebration of Christ's birth and the beauty of the winter season and 
yes, the pretty lights and decorations as well.
However, we have gone too far.
Time to reel it in. 
It has been a long time coming.
The lightness is turning dark and we need to stop.
Each in our own way we are feeling the tug of wrongness in our hearts.
Let's join together in counting our blessings.

Most of us have enough.
More than enough things and gadgets and trinkets than we shall ever need.
Shamefully rich in the amount of things we own.
Don't allow the advertisers to tell you what you should have next.
Turn off the ads, the distractions, the frenzy.
What we do lack is peace.
Peace is what this season should be about.
Peaceful homes, peaceful hearts...

I understand the need to keep the economy moving,
The jobs are needed,
but unless we voice our disapproval I see more darkness down the road.
Let's try to be kind, and polite and...
in all our dealings this season.
Buy from your neighbors, grow your local economy,
make the big guys take notice.
We have created a monster and it is up to us to tame that beast.
Make a list of those retailers that opened on Thanksgiving and don't give them your business.
There are plenty who did the right thing.

Make gifts, recycle, paint, create...
Take stock of what is a want versus a need.
Dwindle that gift list and be content.
I know that you, my friends, have the same thoughts and feelings.
That is why I come here most days.
To visit, to share...
to find peace.

Giving is indeed a part of this season.
Delight in giving a well thought out gift.
Skip the gift certificates, the pre-wrapped toiletries and latest electronic gadgets.
Maybe it will be hard at first but do you feel the need for a return to less as well?

Let's close the door on this riot of wants and take time to savor each moment of the season.
Peace and stillness and quiet contemplation of Christmas are my wishes this year.
Oh yes, and some peace for all of you my friends.

Yours in abundance, P.

In pursuit of a bit of peace I am following my best and longest blogging friend Debbie and
 turning off my comments.
We all need more time.
So feel free to come and read and then be off.
No pressure.
If you want to chat more you can visit me on Facebook or send me an email.
Thanks for sharing in this wonderful Blog World.

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