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Friday, October 26, 2012

What is Your Favorite Flavor?

Do you doubt yourself when it comes to your decorating preferences?
When blogs and online magazines are like a bowl full of eye candy of every type
do you zero in on a few favorites?
Do you pick them out of the candy dish and say "Yes, that is scrumptious."?
Do you then realize your home does not reflect the style you seem to adore?

When I delve into the bowl I almost always come back with a hand full of grey, black and white.
Clean, simple, dramatic.
Or ivory and ecru with black.
Soft and creamy.
Looking around Frippery Farmhouse though, one would see color.
Many colors in fact.
What is that about?

Hollywood Regency would be the style I savor.
Delicious and dramatic.
Not very farmhouse.
Not really in keeping with my home.
Then I see fantastic farmhouse style like Karriane's at Thistlewood Farm.
I could eat it up.
Neutral and bright and welcoming.
As yummy as white chocolate Kisses.
A slender color palette with dramatic charcoal accents.
Still, around here, there is color.
Jelly beans and gumdrops, with a side of licorice.

Perhaps I need to go on a color diet.
Rid myself of the rainbow.
Get down to a sleek and sophisticated color scheme.
A calm and simple style.
Just like any diet it may take a while to get to the place I would like to be.
Problem is, I am not sure.
How about you?
Do you struggle to find your true style?

Would you be a box of chocolates or butter mints?
Going forward I will be thinking much more seriously of simplifying the style in my home.
As I decorate my rooms there will be an accounting of color calories.
My budget does not allow for mistakes.
I will be using much of what I have.
Reducing the options so as not to overdo it.
Taking away instead of adding to.

Now can I stick to this plan better than I stick to a real diet?
We shall see. 
Because my other love is Meadowbrook Farm's kitchen.
I think I may have a problem.

Yours in indecision, P.

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1 comment:

sweetvintageofmine said...

Where can I start? Color? I do like color..but..I revamped-redecorated my home 9+ yrs ago. Something drastic for me...FRENCH COUNTRY-deep reds, cobalt blues, sunflower-gold yellows, olive greens...everything in the PROVENCE FRENCH country side! I LOVED it~(still think it's pretty)NEVER AGAIN!! TOO COSTLY-(try painting over all those colors) After 5 yrs. those colors can close in on you...whatever you did to change the look, always seemed STUCK!! A little over a year ago, I had a plan...REMOVE, TAKE AWAY, DOWNSIZE, go to the basic bare walls. SOLD MOST that didn't work..Painted all walls NEUTRAL, and started simple and minimal! Some how tho there is a little robin egg blue and PINK incorporated. MMMMMMM....color again..but that's in accessories..can be easily removed! And best of all, you can change, add, remove color accessories at very little cost! Was the BEST DECISION for my HOME! Let me know where you go from here......Roxie