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Friday, October 19, 2012

Scary Halloween Mantle Fourth and Final

Mostly scary in that I did it again.
Couldn't leave it alone.

I know it is a bit kitschy but I love string lights.
It isn't something we get to play with everyday,
so at the slightest opportunity I just have to use them.
I really tried to hold back this year.

A simple and sophisticated autumn mantel was whirling around in my head.
Maybe it whirled one to many times.
I reverted back to my old ways.
More is more and shiny and sparkly...
well you know, I just can't resist.

Here we are.
The owls came back, and the books, and yes,
some orange Halloween string lights.
But at night they make me feel so cozy.
They take me back to when the kids were young and 
I lit up every corner of the house
with tacky Halloween decor.
For the pure fun of it.

Just so you know I do not spend every waking hour rearranging my mantel,
a little reality check.
I am cleaning out the family room desk.

Now that is really scary.

Yours in chills, P.

PS The behemoth of a TV is pretty scary too.
It is not a flat screen, it sticks way out in back and it weighs about 300 pounds.
Any suggestions other than throwing a pumpkin through the screen "accidentally"?
Can't afford a new one so I have been ignoring it for years.
If it wasn't for the 3 other family members who have a say in it, there would be no TV here.
If you have brilliantly hidden (or at least minimized) your ugly outdated TV please share!

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Hopemore Studio said...

Like the new additions to the mantel :-)

As for the tv, no suggestions, sorry. I had that same tv in our living room until a few months ago. I finally gave in and let the hubs replace it with a moderately sized flat screen to keep the cost down. The behemoth is now in my craft room, but at least no one else has to see it but me.

trash talk said... wanta hear something really scary? We've had the same TV since 1996...Eeekkk!
I feel the same way about grapevine that you do string of lights. I won't give it up and no style guru can make me!
Love it...and I love that you're taking time out the desk for a little D&D!

Sea Witch said...

I like string lights too, they add much to any theme. Mostly, I am crazy about your doors on either side of the fireplace mantle. Gorgeous.

Denise said...

I can't seem to get my mantle right even once. Yours has looked wonderful every time. I have to say though, I think this last one is my favorite!

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