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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make Entertaining Easier

Here at Frippery Farmhouse we tend to have people coming and going at all times.
With two twenty somethings and their friends we need to be constantly prepared for guests.
As in, don't come downstairs without being fully dressed type of guests.
Welcome, open door type guests.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner guests.
We also love to entertain but with running two businesses out of the house
I need to make it easy to clean up quickly.
Did I mention the unexpected guests?

To avoid these guests having to rummage through the cabinets to find a plate or utensil
we keep everything out in plain view.
Grab and go is the motto.
This avoids coming into the kitchen and seeing every cabinet door hanging open 
in a quest for a coffee cup
or a dessert dish.
It helps when someone is kind enough to empty the dishwasher as well.
No questions about where the plates should go.
No excuses.

I also happen to own stacks of dinnerware.
As in I have a problem with stacks of dinnerware.
All colors, all styles, all vintage.
I cannot pass up an awesome china pattern.
I have been known to run someone down for a great Homer Laughlin piece.
Only if it's cheap of course.
Frugal first.
They are packed in various cabinets and china cupboards and pulled out for planned dinners
according to season.
I do have to hunt down the orange and black floral plates come to think of it.

But for daily use I scavenge for white dishes at the thrift stores.
Doesn't matter what style.
None are too precious to worry about.

They are right at hand on open kitchen shelves.
Ready for the next starved kid to grab before the bottom of the 
styrofoam container of Indian food starts leaking onto their lap.
Ready for Sunday football
or movie night
or breakfast at 4 AM.

I know this time of revolving doors will be coming to a close.
Sooner than I will ever be ready for.
Graduation, jobs, adult life ...
it is all right around the corner.
So welcome friends while this precious time
at Frippery Farmhouse can still be shared.

I will keep the dishes handy.
Ready for any and all who grace my home
and share a meal...
a story...

And thanks for emptying the dishwasher!

Yours in welcome, P.

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Our Neck of the Woods said...

Such a great idea! And so cute! I love your display as I am a huge fan of milk glass and white dishes :)

Stopping by from Creative Things Thursday :)

sweetvintageofmine said...

Very thoughtful and organized! You are obviously a PLANNER and a THINKER to see how LIFE can be easier~~~~my kind of gal! That is one thing I am funny about now as I collect~~it has to have a purpose....either use it or admire it! (LOL!) I think you have put that together very nicely! By-the-way, My paperplates stay out on my island in a wrought iron holder, at least your dishes are VINTAGE! Have a GREAT weekend! Roxie

sissie said...

Hi Pam,
I think this is a wonderful idea and also very decorative. I'm finding it more useful in our home to keep the dishes out in the open.
Mr. Sissie loves to open cabinets but never close them! LOL!

YOu have many lovely pieces and why not put them out there for everyone to see and use.


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

So glad you visited my blog which brought me over to yours. I think this is my first visit here. Now a follower!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Wonderful idea -- not necessary in my teeny tiny kitchen where with one bank of drawers, you are almost certain to hit the cutlery drawer on your 1st try. But a wonderful idea.

And I'm madly in love with your antique nut chopper and jadite plates. So pretty.