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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Shoot a Wild Turkey

Step out on the porch to evaluate the fall decorating options.
Hear some commotion in the field next door.
Run back into the house and grab the camera.
Ever so stealthily cross the driveway.
 Aim camera in the direction of said commotion.
Get blinded by the sun and realize you can no longer see what you are attempting to photograph.

Catch the eye of the lead turkey and know your window of opportunity is now greatly limited.
Persevere and start shooting blindly.
Lead turkey begins a warning gobble.

The others in the party pass the word.
A mass exodus begins.
Continue shooting blindly.
Hope for the best.

They begin to head for cover.
Follow like poultry paparazzi.
Wish for Tom to fan his tail.

A close up is no longer an option.
Try not to trip as you take a parting shot.
I don't blame them for running. 
The average American eats 18 pounds of turkey each year.

Bye bye biiiirdeeeee.

Try to remember what you were doing before.
Put the camera away.
Search wild turkeys on the computer.
Start looking at Pinterest.
Wonder why you never get your goals accomplished in a timely manner.

Yours in turkey hunting, P.

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1 comment:

Hopemore Studio said...

I often see wild turkeys along I-275 and marvel. In this 'modern' world I'm sad that I'm so surprised when I see nature in its true form.