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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party Give Away

You made it up the hill on this blustery October evening?
How brave you are.

Watch your step.
It seems the place is kind of falling down around us.
No need to fear.

We have been waiting for you.
The kettle is boiling.

The owls ask Whooooo is it?
Don't mind them.
They are just a little curious.

They think they are the guardians here.

Of course the ravens have a different idea.
They may answer "Nevermore."

This is the season of magic, when anything can happen.
Ghouls and ghosts celebrate in wild abandon.
It is the time of old stories and bonfires and revelry!


You have to leave so soon?
Be cautious on your way home.
Go quickly past the abandoned house down the road.
Otherwise you may get a glimpse of something you would rather not see.

Don't mind that reflection in the window.
It is nothing but a lamplight...
at least that is what I choose to think.

Take a swift left past the twisted vines.
Follow the screech of the owl.
Mind your step and don't look back.

My prayers go with you.
I hope you find your way home safely.

Thanks for visiting Frippery Farmhouse.
Hope you will return one day.

Thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for hostessing this Halloween Party.

As a treat I am giving away one of my 5X5 little witch collage's on canvas.
"Like" Frippery Farmhouse on Facebook and leave a comment here to enter.

I will choose the winner Monday evening.
Meantime thanks for coming to my party.
Now go visit all of the other revelers at Vanessa's and be sure to arrive back home in one piece...

Yours in thrills, P.

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Emalina said...

What gorgeous autumnal images, and spooky too! I love the dolls houses! Happy Halloween and thanks for having me!

Please come party with me at my 2 separate blog parties:

See you there :)

Moonlyf said...

I love your witch on canvas and post! Very cool, tasteful decorations. Fall is beautiful. :-)

Ms Misantropia said...

Thank you for sharing your home! Lovely :)

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I am in love with the little house with the red shutters... so awesome!! What is the brand/make of it!

Kelly said...

What Scary fun I had while visiting you here! Your canvas witch is Adorable! Such a talent! cheers!

Kyra said...

The crows withe the typewriter are my favorite! Perfect!

DogsMom said...

So much to look at! That is definitely not just reflection in the window glass.

Rhonda Roo said...

Wow, your kinda frugal living is where I want to be! Everything looks so pretty, and your nature shots are breathtaking. Clearly, you celebrate life's magic year round.

Happy Fall & Halloween partying!

xoxo Boo To You From Roo

Lynn said...

Wow! It looks great! You go all out on the Spook Train! I guess you have a big storage barn?

By the way, Do you still have Manny?

Cameron said...

Phew, I made it home safely...though those woods do have a lot of eyes in them!

What a sweet little witch! I'm sorry, I don't Facebook, so I'll understand if you don't put my name in the hat :)

Thank you for having me!
Happy Halloween,
Paint Myself Pretty

Hopemore Studio said...

That is fantastic. I am so happy about the color we are getting after the long dry summer.

Yarni Gras! said...

gorgeous photos! Please stop by mine too as I have a giveaway as well!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Pam! Magical photos! The decor with all the owl guardians were a treat. FaBOOlous witch collage too! It was a real treat to attend your gathering! Happy Haunting! :)

Infuse With Liz said...

What fun! Love your pictures especially the one with the reflection i the window...great imagination! I scooted by that old haunted house too!

Laurie said...

Such spooky stories were written on that old type writer I am sure!

Please come and visit me at

Happy Haunting QueenCreative

Rachel said...

Oooo yes a nice cup of tea was just what I needed, thank you.

Your Halloween decorations are lovely and elegant.

Susan said...

Your tea was delightful! I love your owls, and typewriter!

I like you know on facebook (SusanBussGuzy).

That canvas is AWESOME, I would so be honored to hang it in my home!

come meet my Coven, if you haven't already.

Thanks to Sandy...I am still making the rounds..I live in the dead center of landfall...we got hit hard, and my hubs is in the hospital also...was CCU, no Telemetry.

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain and Happy Dia de Los Muertos!!