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Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Decor in the Dining Room

Amidst the crafting and the thrifting for Frippery's show schedule I managed to rummage through the Halloween bins in the garage.
As I said before I am keeping it simple.
Just a murder of crows amongst the silver and black.

An unkindness of ravens gathering at the typewriter.
Perhaps waiting for E.A. Poe to tap out a few lines?

A building of rooks looking for a morsel or two dropped at dinner?

A murmuration of starlings waiting to swoop upon an unsuspecting diner?

Here's hoping this flock stays put through the creepy season!

Yours in subtle scares, P.
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Debby said...

If your flock flies away my buzzards are back and I could send a few your way. Yuck.
Are you going to be doing any CHristmas shows later on.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love this, Pam! I love your crows/ravens especially with the black typewriter {which is perfect that it is black}. It does make me think of Poe's Nevermore!

Vintage Jane said...

So long as they don't start flying at me they're just fine ... !

Lynn said...

As usual, I always enjoy my visits to your blog. I was looking down the side and see that you are ever so busy. I'd better get up from this chair and get busy too!

Denise said...

Very cute! I guess I'm skipping the Halloween this year. I haven't had time to do a thing. Really love your black and white theme.