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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Winner is Announced Finally!

I have not been able to upload photos to blogger for two days.

Something crazy is going on with my photo upload.
This is the only one I could get to load after 30 minutes.
Not sure if the internet connection has been affected by the weather or what is going on.
I couldn't wait any longer to post the Give Away winner.
Dog's Mom was the random number choice.
How appropriate!

We attended the Pawrade in Covington, Ky. this past Sunday.
Dogs and owners parading in costume.
 I had so many sweet photos to share.

I guess your appetite
will have to be satisfied by this scrumptious S'more
until I can fix whatever is ailing my uploads.

Go say congrats to Dog's Mom and thank Vanessa for hosting the Halloween Party,
Also say prayers for Debbie at Talking Trash and her family.
Her daughter is in the hospital and needs good thoughts sent her way.
Of course prayers for all affected by Hurricane Sandy as well.

Yours in positive energy, P.
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DogsMom said...

I am so excited. Thank you!
I will be in touch.

I think the full moon is playing tricks with weather AND technology, and not nice ones.

Sending prayers to Debbie and family.

p.s. - love the s'mores costume. May have to use that!

Sea Witch said...

How this dog wore that costume without attacking it is a testament to great training. I could no more hang marshmallows and graham crackers on my dog that I could jump over the moon. LOL

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Pam! Just a note~~~I haven't been able to upload new pictures for over a week now!! MAKES NO SENSE and my blog format/layout has changed and I CANNOT get it back the way it should be!! Very weird! Doggy post is too sweet(literally) LOL! Keep warm~~~Roxie