Living Graciously, Artfully, Frugally.

Consciously taking notice of the gifts each day places in our path.

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Each year I decorate our house for Halloween.
My kids are grown so now I do it just because.
Because it feels good.
Just for me.

Frippery Farmhouse has never actually seen a trick or treater.
No one ventures up the hill. 
The houses are too far apart.
That is one thing I miss here.

Been missing it for 19 years.
When the kids were smaller we gathered with friends.
In a different neighborhood.
One where you can run from house to house.
An older, city neighborhood. 
A neighborhood full of lovely old homes.
All decorated, all welcoming.
I miss it too.

I will still decorate.
I think this year I am the only one on our road that put lights in the boxwoods and 
a Morgue sign over the arbor.
Not sure why.
But I will continue to decorate.
For me.
I will light a fire and settle in with hubs to watch a scary movie or two.
Say bye to the kids as they head out to a party.

Frippery Farmhouse has always been quiet at Halloween.
She is still dressed for it.
Just for me.

Yours in a haunting evening, P.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Winner is Announced Finally!

I have not been able to upload photos to blogger for two days.

Something crazy is going on with my photo upload.
This is the only one I could get to load after 30 minutes.
Not sure if the internet connection has been affected by the weather or what is going on.
I couldn't wait any longer to post the Give Away winner.
Dog's Mom was the random number choice.
How appropriate!

We attended the Pawrade in Covington, Ky. this past Sunday.
Dogs and owners parading in costume.
 I had so many sweet photos to share.

I guess your appetite
will have to be satisfied by this scrumptious S'more
until I can fix whatever is ailing my uploads.

Go say congrats to Dog's Mom and thank Vanessa for hosting the Halloween Party,
Also say prayers for Debbie at Talking Trash and her family.
Her daughter is in the hospital and needs good thoughts sent her way.
Of course prayers for all affected by Hurricane Sandy as well.

Yours in positive energy, P.
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cozy Up to Autumn

These last days of October are so full of fading beauty.
Gorgeous imperfection.
Morning glories opening for a last burst of color.
A bit ragged at the edges.
A lovely ruin.

Hydrangeas turning pink and brown.
Still stunning in this last flush of color.
Sometimes we need to look harder to find this beauty.
At a distance what may look worn and tired
can be awe inspiring when studied up close.

Of course this time of year is also full of in your face glorious color.
A last blast of orange and yellow before the crisp austere winter.

Crunchy leaves of the warmest hues.
A touch of fire before the ice.

I hope you get out there and soak up the fantastic show.
Stomp around in the crisp autumn air.
Build a bonfire and tell a few ghost stories.

Store memories, like acorns, to keep you through the winter.
The cozy season is approaching.

Savor every tiny pleasure the season brings.
The rustle and the bluster and the smell of wood smoke.

Karma says this is the best sniffing weather.
I concur.

Yours in autumn splendor, P.

P.S. You still have time to enter the Halloween Party Give Away until 6PM today!.
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party Give Away

You made it up the hill on this blustery October evening?
How brave you are.

Watch your step.
It seems the place is kind of falling down around us.
No need to fear.

We have been waiting for you.
The kettle is boiling.

The owls ask Whooooo is it?
Don't mind them.
They are just a little curious.

They think they are the guardians here.

Of course the ravens have a different idea.
They may answer "Nevermore."

This is the season of magic, when anything can happen.
Ghouls and ghosts celebrate in wild abandon.
It is the time of old stories and bonfires and revelry!


You have to leave so soon?
Be cautious on your way home.
Go quickly past the abandoned house down the road.
Otherwise you may get a glimpse of something you would rather not see.

Don't mind that reflection in the window.
It is nothing but a lamplight...
at least that is what I choose to think.

Take a swift left past the twisted vines.
Follow the screech of the owl.
Mind your step and don't look back.

My prayers go with you.
I hope you find your way home safely.

Thanks for visiting Frippery Farmhouse.
Hope you will return one day.

Thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for hostessing this Halloween Party.

As a treat I am giving away one of my 5X5 little witch collage's on canvas.
"Like" Frippery Farmhouse on Facebook and leave a comment here to enter.

I will choose the winner Monday evening.
Meantime thanks for coming to my party.
Now go visit all of the other revelers at Vanessa's and be sure to arrive back home in one piece...

Yours in thrills, P.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

What is Your Favorite Flavor?

Do you doubt yourself when it comes to your decorating preferences?
When blogs and online magazines are like a bowl full of eye candy of every type
do you zero in on a few favorites?
Do you pick them out of the candy dish and say "Yes, that is scrumptious."?
Do you then realize your home does not reflect the style you seem to adore?

When I delve into the bowl I almost always come back with a hand full of grey, black and white.
Clean, simple, dramatic.
Or ivory and ecru with black.
Soft and creamy.
Looking around Frippery Farmhouse though, one would see color.
Many colors in fact.
What is that about?

Hollywood Regency would be the style I savor.
Delicious and dramatic.
Not very farmhouse.
Not really in keeping with my home.
Then I see fantastic farmhouse style like Karriane's at Thistlewood Farm.
I could eat it up.
Neutral and bright and welcoming.
As yummy as white chocolate Kisses.
A slender color palette with dramatic charcoal accents.
Still, around here, there is color.
Jelly beans and gumdrops, with a side of licorice.

Perhaps I need to go on a color diet.
Rid myself of the rainbow.
Get down to a sleek and sophisticated color scheme.
A calm and simple style.
Just like any diet it may take a while to get to the place I would like to be.
Problem is, I am not sure.
How about you?
Do you struggle to find your true style?

Would you be a box of chocolates or butter mints?
Going forward I will be thinking much more seriously of simplifying the style in my home.
As I decorate my rooms there will be an accounting of color calories.
My budget does not allow for mistakes.
I will be using much of what I have.
Reducing the options so as not to overdo it.
Taking away instead of adding to.

Now can I stick to this plan better than I stick to a real diet?
We shall see. 
Because my other love is Meadowbrook Farm's kitchen.
I think I may have a problem.

Yours in indecision, P.

I am partying with
The Shabby Nest
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make Entertaining Easier

Here at Frippery Farmhouse we tend to have people coming and going at all times.
With two twenty somethings and their friends we need to be constantly prepared for guests.
As in, don't come downstairs without being fully dressed type of guests.
Welcome, open door type guests.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner guests.
We also love to entertain but with running two businesses out of the house
I need to make it easy to clean up quickly.
Did I mention the unexpected guests?

To avoid these guests having to rummage through the cabinets to find a plate or utensil
we keep everything out in plain view.
Grab and go is the motto.
This avoids coming into the kitchen and seeing every cabinet door hanging open 
in a quest for a coffee cup
or a dessert dish.
It helps when someone is kind enough to empty the dishwasher as well.
No questions about where the plates should go.
No excuses.

I also happen to own stacks of dinnerware.
As in I have a problem with stacks of dinnerware.
All colors, all styles, all vintage.
I cannot pass up an awesome china pattern.
I have been known to run someone down for a great Homer Laughlin piece.
Only if it's cheap of course.
Frugal first.
They are packed in various cabinets and china cupboards and pulled out for planned dinners
according to season.
I do have to hunt down the orange and black floral plates come to think of it.

But for daily use I scavenge for white dishes at the thrift stores.
Doesn't matter what style.
None are too precious to worry about.

They are right at hand on open kitchen shelves.
Ready for the next starved kid to grab before the bottom of the 
styrofoam container of Indian food starts leaking onto their lap.
Ready for Sunday football
or movie night
or breakfast at 4 AM.

I know this time of revolving doors will be coming to a close.
Sooner than I will ever be ready for.
Graduation, jobs, adult life ...
it is all right around the corner.
So welcome friends while this precious time
at Frippery Farmhouse can still be shared.

I will keep the dishes handy.
Ready for any and all who grace my home
and share a meal...
a story...

And thanks for emptying the dishwasher!

Yours in welcome, P.

I am partying at
The Vintage Farmhouse
Somewhat Simple
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Scary Halloween Mantle Fourth and Final

Mostly scary in that I did it again.
Couldn't leave it alone.

I know it is a bit kitschy but I love string lights.
It isn't something we get to play with everyday,
so at the slightest opportunity I just have to use them.
I really tried to hold back this year.

A simple and sophisticated autumn mantel was whirling around in my head.
Maybe it whirled one to many times.
I reverted back to my old ways.
More is more and shiny and sparkly...
well you know, I just can't resist.

Here we are.
The owls came back, and the books, and yes,
some orange Halloween string lights.
But at night they make me feel so cozy.
They take me back to when the kids were young and 
I lit up every corner of the house
with tacky Halloween decor.
For the pure fun of it.

Just so you know I do not spend every waking hour rearranging my mantel,
a little reality check.
I am cleaning out the family room desk.

Now that is really scary.

Yours in chills, P.

PS The behemoth of a TV is pretty scary too.
It is not a flat screen, it sticks way out in back and it weighs about 300 pounds.
Any suggestions other than throwing a pumpkin through the screen "accidentally"?
Can't afford a new one so I have been ignoring it for years.
If it wasn't for the 3 other family members who have a say in it, there would be no TV here.
If you have brilliantly hidden (or at least minimized) your ugly outdated TV please share!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiny Halloween

I love tiny.
Mini versions of big things are just enchanting.

These Department 56 houses are one of our favorite Halloween treasures.
They encompass all the Trick or Treat nights of childhood.

I can almost hear the laughter and shouts as we run from house to house gathering goodies.

The thrill of passing that house everyone said was haunted.
Isn't there one in every neighborhood?
At least when you are 10 or 11.
So many things were possible that adults just would never believe.

Let's never let that sense of wonder go completely.
Live it in your heart.
See it in the eyes of your children and their children.

I hope this season brings back those childhood memories for each of you.
The thrills and frolic and piles of leaves crunching underfoot.
The whoops and tumbling and complete freedom of an autumn evening.
Ghost in the Graveyard and Hide and Seek until the evening got too dark 
and parents were heard calling.
Rosy cheeks and chilly noses.

Yours in being a child at heart, P.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Mantel Part 3?

At the risk of seeming unstable...

Perhaps a bit OCD, with the D standing for decorating...

Or maybe just bat guano crazy...

I changed the mantel yet again.

The scariest part?
Now I miss the owls!

Dare I go for a 4th try?
If you don't hear from me soon it is because my family has had me put away in a nice home.
A home with no mantels, 
or bins full of Halloween decorations.

Yours in doing what makes us happy, P.
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