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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Work and Life, Finding Balance

Been painting, and shopping and making for the Vintage Marketplace.
I am in the zone.
Turning into a whirling mass of chalk paint, price tags and hot glue.
How dare my husband try to do something sweet to surprise me in the midst of my organized chaos!
Our anniversary is tomorrow...
 and the Vintage Marketplace is a week away.
One week!
Today hubs tells me that he has booked a hotel for us.
From tomorrow through Sunday. 
An anniversary get away downtown.

Of course I reacted as any wife blessed with a caring husband would.
I said "Are you kidding me?"
I am way too busy for any fun.
Then I cried because now I am the bad guy saying cancel the surprise.
Then I stopped and thought...
Man what a B&*^%!
My darling husband would like to spend a few days away from the loony bin with me
knowing that I really need a break.
We both could use one.
Time spent together with loved ones cannot be measured. 
Time itself is of the essence each day.
None of us knows how much of it we actually may have.
Treat it as a gift.
One more painted lamp base or mirror frame for an upcoming show can wait.
I already have more than I will be able to haul as is.

I parked my broom in the corner and took off my pointy black hat and said "Sorry.
Of course I would rather spend time with you."
I have until 2 pm tomorrow to finish what I need to finish.
Then I am outta here until Sunday.
Packing my camera and my walking shoes and a dinner dress.
Planning on some relaxing time alone together.

Do you think he would mind if a also brought a glue gun and some zippers to make more flowers...
oh, and price tags...
maybe a stamp pad?

Yours in knowing when to quit, P.

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Debby said...

Good for you. So sweet of your hubby.
Our anniversary is this month as well.
Happy Anniversary.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I would have reacted exactly the same. Of course you love the gift but you need it after the event not before while you are trying to get ready for it. I used to have a significant other that was always pulling stuff like this.....planning a vacay right when I needed to work the most and then getting mad at me because it just added to my stress. How would he like it if you planned something right in the middle of some big project he was doing?

If it was me...I'd say...ok, I'm going...but I'm taking all this with me and it's just going to make me more stressed. I've been known to make things in the car in route. It drove my Ex CRAZY! But you know what...if he'd really loved me...he would not have done that to me. My parents sure didn't do that to each other. They were considerate of each other's schedules and projects. You can have fun after the work is done and then you will really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

You chose wisely. Humans don't live anywhere near as long as mermaids and even I would not pass up a chance to spend some quality time with my merman. Free your mind from your work and you will see it all in a new light when you return.

Jo said...

I am so glad you are getting away - - when you come home you will be refreshed!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Of course, you are doing the right thing. You are right, none of us know what the future holds and we only have today. Enjoy the special time with the one you love. Happy Anniversary! ~Hugs, Patti