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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do I Need a New Camera?

Emphasis on NEED.
I have been pondering the pros and cons of upgrading my Canon point and shoot for several years.
I covet those lovely, fancy, oh so pro looking, digital SLR's.
But do I need one?
I have seen the fantastic blog shots of interiors and closeups and I want to have the ability to do that.
Will an SLR give me that?
I am looking for advice.
What will I gain for the big cash outlay.
All of my blog photos have been taken with my little Canon on auto.
I haven't really even explored manual.
Maybe I'm not ready?

Last weekend...anniversary of the Carew Tower in Cincinnati.
See the area of homes just to the right of the smaller Licking River intersecting with the Ohio?

Now a bit closer.

Closer still.
My little camera has a decent lens.
I don't have to lug anything else.

Great stop motion.
I do have a tripod but did not use it in any of these photos.
Just my hot little shaky hands.

Fairly good close up.
Really good with a tripod.

Mostly I use it for plain old landscape shots.
So, I am weighing want verses need.
I think I know my answer.
Do you find yourself wanting things that you know you do not need and probably will never use often enough to warrant the purchase?
Still they dance around in your little desirous heart.
I have held off for three years now.
I think I can wait.

Oh and Springfield was great.
Left there with much less than I brought.
That's the whole idea right?
I didn't get many pictures but what I have I will post later in the week on Facebook.

Yours in being sensible, P.

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Jo said...

Glad to hear things went well in Springfield!

Hopemore Studio said...

Ugh, the great camera debate. I haven't been able to make up my mind on this for years. Can't get past the expense AND the learning curve. Wish I could offer you some advice. For me I learned I could tweak just about any picture with photo editing software and that has been my work around. I love the pictures you take now, wouldn't have known they if were DSLR or point/shoot.

zandra said...

HI Pam,
Stick with your Cannon! I went out an bought the new pink Nikon in May and brought it to Australia with me. I was sooooo disappointed! A lot, of my photos were blurry and out of focus. Soooooo, glad I also, brought my point and shoot Cannon! If it wasn't for my cannon I would have lost out on my photos of the Koala's. My husband thought I was crazy for bring my point and shoot, but it saved me, from otherwise missing some memories of our trip and those darling Koala's. Hope that helps!
Hugz, Z

trash talk said...

I wish what came out of my point and shoot looked half as good as yours!
If you're considering adding "photographer" to your resume I vote do it. Otherwise...your photos are always grand!