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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vintage Find 0 through 9

The details make a difference.
Perhaps it is just an obsessive quirk in my personality 
but these small things can make a huge difference.
The wedding I am styling is one week away Saturday.
I needed a way to number the guest tables with a true vintage feel.

I knew I would use a punch of some sort but I did not have the right font for the numbers.
Printing them from the computer just wasn't feeling authentic.

Purchasing a set of stamps was a thought, but rather costly.
All of the number stamps I have already were just too small.

We hit the longest yard sale this past week and found some treats.
Not a lot.
I have found I am curating my finds with a more critical eye lately.
Despite threatening weather on Sunday we headed to Lawrenceburg Indiana for the 
Tri State Antique Show.
Never did rain but there were fewer dealers than usual.
We came away with a few bits and bobs which I will share later.
What made it all worthwhile was this set of vintage rubber stamps.
The set includes letters A to Z and numbers 0 through 9.
Perfect size, perfect vintage, and for $10 the perfect price as well.

On a more pitiful note,
we got a late start Sunday morning because one of our kitties, Yin, came in dragging her front leg.
We thought she had been run over.
Emergency vet visit on Sunday morning.
Xrays showed no break thank goodness.
It appears she sprained or hyperextended her leg in a fall.

Poor thing.
She is NOT a happy camper.
Although she is amusing us with her antics, she herself is certainly not amused by this state of affairs.
She should be back to her old self in a week or so.
I should be as well.
The wedding crafts will be behind me.
 Taking part in our friend's daughter's joyous day...
That is one of life's good moments.

Yours in serendipity, P.
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Debby said...

Great stamps for sure. I saw a couple great metal fake old looking typewriters at Hobby Lobby yesterday. They looked like the real thing.....$39.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Glad you were able to find lettering and numbers stamping set~~so VINTAGE! It goes beautiful with the other items you have made for the wedding! POOR KITTY..breaks my heart..I remember when my SWEETIE had her PINK cast just 2 months before she became missing. She hated that cast and after she got feeling better, she would take it off every day! Hope kitty is doing better soon! From one sweetie to another~~Roxie

Hopemore Studio said...

Great stamps! I drive by that big parking lot 2x a week and see the sign for the Antique Show... and then I head back to KY and forget

Burlington is 2 weekends away, I haven't been to a one yet, hoping maybe this month I will. Join me?

Hope the kitty gets better soon!!

Jo said...

Poor kitty :( The stamps are perfect! Seems like I have been only finding bits and pieces as well

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a perfect find, Pam, and it sounds like it was just in time, too! Your poor kitty; hopefully it will be a quick recovery.

Vintage Jane said...

Love those stamps.
I hope your poor cat is better soon ... I know from experience that cats are not always the best patients!