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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Simple Dollar Store How To Two

Yes to two.
Couldn't resist.
I am on a frugal decor roll here lately.
So this time I bought a strip of words at Dollar Tree.
You know, those word banners that run along the top of a blackboard in classrooms.
There are A LOT of teacher goodies at Dollar Tree BTW.

You will also need a few other bits. 
A simple black wood frame.
A pack of yellow pencils. 
A black and white covered composition notebook.
All purchased for a dollar each.
Yep, that is $5 total!

Cut apart the words you would like to use. 
Take some left over coffee from this morning to distress your words.
Just dip them in and pat them dry.
If you want to add a bit more grunge take a brown ink pad 
and dab a bit of ink at the edges with your finger.

Cut the covers off the comp book. You will be using them as a background 
to give that old school days look.
Cut them to the size of your frame using the backing as a guide.

Glue your word to the center of your backing and pop it in the frame.
Here is a closer look at the distressing.

Cut two of your yellow pencils to fit the short sides of the frame.
I used a sharp scissors and when the pencil was almost cut through I just snapped it off.
Glue your pencils to your frame and you are finished.
Can't you see a wall of 9 or 12 of these in a child's room?
Maybe an art room.
What could you use besides pencils?
How about a different background?
Multiple words in a larger frame?
Poss-i-bil-i-ties people!

I am having a blast with the Dollar Tree Challenge.
Have you been out to play lately?

Yours in summer recreation, P.
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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's really neat, Pam! I like this project and I like that it all came from the dollar store!

Lynn said...

Verrrry Cute!
I spent a big part of my life making classroom things. Although I have a shelf full of classroom memories, I avoid making new ones.

And DANG! the dollar store didn't have things like this when I was teaching.

trash talk said...

This is such a novel!
Seriously, how do you think these things up? In addition to a right and left sides of the brain, is there a crafty one I'm missing? Love it.
I'm going to give it a whirl with Grayzilla when she's over in a few days. She loves playing school.
Guess who gets stuck being the dunce in the class?

Jo said...

I love these! I hadn't seen the words at Dollar Tree so I guess I know where I will be going - I have a project in mind! thank you ever so much!!!!