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Monday, August 13, 2012

How to add Facebook and Pinterest Tabs to Blog Posts

You thought I knew?
No no no.
I am asking you.

Do you have an amazing tutorial to share?
I would love for you to add a link in a comment if so.

I am somewhat de'mode' when it comes to fancying up the tired old blog.

I have a Facebook page that I would like you to visit.
Really I would like you to like me.
But only if you want to.
Only if you really do.
Like me that is.

Mostly I just need some simple tutorials on how to do all of this stuff.
I would like to share your links in a future post.
For others who can't seem to catch on.
Like me.

If you have one please share.
If you have more than one,
bring it on.

Until I hear from you I will be here
in the Dark Ages
wishing I knew what I was doing.

Oh and until I figure it all out if you are feeling that I am likable
please like Frippery Farmhouse on Facebook.
If you really feel generous follow Frippery on Pinterest too.
I know, not only needy but greedy too...

Yours in a steep learning curve, P.

Gratuitous hydrangea photos just because I love them and I am sensing summer coming to an end soon.
I WILL NOT let my garden go!
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JunqueMagnet said...

Hmmm. If memory serves correctly you can copy the code from your FB page into a gadget on your blogger template. I think that was what I did. Additionally there may have been a way to do it directly from your FB administrator page. You got me on pinning. I am still resisting the temptation to join for fear of spending still more hours on the computer each day!!!

Carole said...

I am so lost right along side you. I have a FB page.....actually 2 but never post anything. oh by accident was posting pinterest because I wasn't clicking off that little check mark...errr.
I just saw a way to add a PIN button to a post. I added a pin link to my sidebar just the other day. I'll take a look again and let you know.

I'd be happy to follow you,


trash talk said...

I do...really, really really I you that is!
I don't have a clue as to how FB works. I know my posts automatically post there, but I have no idea how I set it up. Beginner's luck maybe?
As to Pinterest, I think if you are on the new FB timeline, there is a link on the Pinterest account settings to request any pins you make to show up on FB...I think.
I just toodle around in my DA way and sometimes things work...and most times they don't! LOL
The only thing I am sure of is I love your photos and your hydrangeas are gorgeous as usual.

17-17 said...

and hydrangeas are so so so beautiful, I love them!!!
warm hugs

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Beautiful post! I see the "Pin it" button right after your "linkedwithin" posts appear; how did you get that button? That is the one I'm looking for :)

Thank you!