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Monday, August 27, 2012

Garden Makeover

Garden plans have been on my mind here at Frippery Farmhouse.
The only photos that are even presentable are closeups.

Is your area being hit by this despicable drought?
Are you trying to water like mad to keep some semblance of loveliness in your yard 
or have you thrown in the towel?

We just cannot keep up.
We sacrificed our lawn to the sun gods in exchange for maintaining a few blooms close by the house.
Now we have a chance to rethink the whole wasteful cycle of 
water and mowing and fertilizing and reseeding
that is the green lawn ideal.
It is an ideal that is fast falling away.
We have woodland paths and shady spots to play in .
Why try to maintain a vast expanse of grass for no purpose?
Stay tuned.
My brain is on fire (like my lawn).
I see a field of flowers for cutting next year.
Maybe a fence to rein them in.
Oh and a folly.
My dream.
Perhaps a large area in the back for enough veggies to feed us for a while.

Most importantly...
no more lawn.
A lot to tackle but we can start.
Beginning is half the battle.

When I look out at my neighbor's parched field I say,
to heck with grass.
Give me a prairie,
with flowers for cutting.
A sanctuary for the birds and bees.

One notable exception is the insane bee that attacked me as I was weeding 
the garden beds this morning.
He must have come from a nest in the ground where I was hoeing.
He was very angry.
I hope no one at the firehouse up the road could see me as I ran down the driveway and then back to the porch waving my hoe and slapping at my clothes while Mr. Buzz tried unsuccessfully to fly up my pants leg or down the back of my shirt.
To ad insult to injury, once I was safely inside for a bit I heard my husband returning from an errand.
I went out to tell him my tale and darned if that bee didn't spot me again.
Picture yelling and flailing as my hubs is asking what the H is going on.
Safely through the door with a sigh of relief.
Then that darned little buzzer comes riding right into the house 
on the back of hubs shirt.
He is still here...
waiting for me...

I think I will do some indoor planning for the rest of the day.
Pinterest is always a good start.
Did you hear a buzz...
I think I did...

Yours in hiding, P.

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Lynn said...

That bee sounds demented! You need one of those electric mini-tennis-raquet thingies!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hello Pam! Yep, my garden at the most, is looking pretty....ugh! A few spots is still hanging in there (very few). I am actually looking forward to jumping in and pulling out things for FALL! I'm already planning and WANTING TO! Need a change/fresh look! Even the BEEs are GRUMPY! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Claudia said...

I'm a veteran of ground bees attacking me! It's very scary. Your lawn (or lack of one) plans sound wonderful.


Pam - I've moved my blog to WordPress - same URL but if you follow me on Google Friend Connect, you won't get updates. If you're still interested in visiting, you might want to bookmark the site or follow through my feed.

Debby said...

That is one crazy bee. Yikes. Good thing you aren't allergic.
We don't water our yard since we are on a well. I have very little flowers....impatients. We use the dehumidifier water to water with. I will take a jou of water out to water once in awhile. Mine are in containers or window boxes. It is just too hard to get something to grow when it is so dry. Your roses are pretty.
I will post about the wedding soon. Most of my pictures came out blurry. It was a sweet wedding but not too fancy.

Carole said...

Wow that is a lot of field to mow....yes prairie flowers for sure.
We've had lots of rain this year much customers complained of downey mildew on their impatients. It's always something:)

good luck with that crazy bee.


Hopemore Studio said...

Yes I have disturbed bees in the ground...had a nest that they came swarming out of when we mowed..creepy.

The yard is a wreck, when it does rain again (today?) I think the weeds are are going to take hold...bummer.

Stay cool,