Dollar Store Party Decor How To

Something quick and colorful for a summer party!
Candle wraps.

Grab a few things at Dollar Tree.
Plastic transparent folders.
A stack of girls plastic bangle bracelets. (You could use colorful rubber bands or pony tail ties instead.)
A few battery tea lights.
Glue sticks, a scissors and clear tape.

Chances are you have everything on hand but the school supplies and bangles.
This can be a big bang for under 5 bucks.

Simple stuff here.
Cut the folders in half.
At the fold of course.
Use it as a guide.
Like I said, simple.

Cut off the pocket, and the reinforced area of the pocket.
Then cut the angled piece so you have a rectangle.
Really, it is so easy.
Writing it is more complicated.

This is before I trimmed the side of the pocket.
Also cut off the side of the folder with the holes. 
We don't need them.

I rolled the folder so it would fit into the bangle and then cut a slit in the side as a guide to cut off the excess folder that I didn't need.
You can use that piece for another candle wrap.

This is the only sticky part.
(Snicker, chuckle.)
Getting the glue stick to hold took forever so I cheated with some scotch tape to
hold until the glue dried.
In the process I realized these can really just be taped.
You won't even notice.
If you are a perfectionist then go ahead with that glue.

  Roll those babies up and tape or glue. 
Slide your bangles or rubber bands or pony tail elastics or any number of things to add more color.
The possibilities are endless.
The key is the transparent folder.
I only used half of each folder. 
You could have doubled the amount of candle wraps I have here with the supplies I bought.

Put some battery operated tea lights under your rolled up folder and cute cute cutie patootie!
I think we got a party going on.

There is another party going on at Dollar Store Crafts.
A back to school supply challenge.
I am there.
Are you?

Yours in being cheap and cute, P.
Hahaha heeheheheee.
I crack myself up.

I am linking to:
Tutes and Tips Party @ A to Z


Very pretty, Pam! I would never have thought those were folders! Love the bangle bracelets, too.
Anonymous said…
Simple, cute and inexpensive too. Great idea, Pam!
JunqueMagnet said…
You do realize you are a genius right? Right?!!! So clever and fun.
Miss Kitty said…
These are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing the "how to"s of making them. I am going to "pin" them so I won't forget this great idea.
lisbonlioness said…
genius. Total, unadultered genius. I love these!
Amanda said…
That's a really clever idea, love it!
Nina Athena said…
Wow! That looks really good! I have seen some news about technology development up till now. It is amazing when you think about how decoration and painting have developed into something made from the growing technology, especially painting. You know, from only brushes and paint rollers, to airless sprays or paint sprayers. It makes painting easier and fun! Anyway, thank you for sharing this article! It really inspired me to decorate better. Would like to see more updates from you.

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