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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Week of Wedding: The Setting

Hi all.
I am back and do I have pictures?
Let's just say I have more than I can post in one sitting.
Or a weeks worth of sittings for that matter.
So before I tout my mad skills at wedding decor...tee hee...
I want to share the setting that made this wedding come together.

The bride and groom chose the Hughes Center, at Camp Campbell Gard, a YMCA camp they both attended as children.
Before they met.
Isn't that romantic?

This is the barn at the Hughes Center.
The barn held bistro tables, a dance floor, libations and 
a place to sit quietly in the loft and watch the festivities.
Oh, note to Carrie...
Do you recognize those screen door frames?
I owe ya one girl.

Dinner would be served after the ceremony at tables beneath the tent.
28 round tables as well as a long center table for the bridal party.
The day was absolutely beautiful.
In the high 70's at dusk.
In August?
In southern Ohio?
Mother Nature was smiling at this wedding.

Could you envision a prettier day?
The ceremony took place in a field by a pond.
A short stroll around the fence behind the tent.
For those who chose, there was a hay wagon and a golf cart for easier transportation.

A great way to travel when wearing heels!

The sun was just beginning to descend and that special August light made for an idyllic scene.

If any of you have been to a fair or a show where I was a vendor 
you may recognize my burlap table cover.
It was used here to cover the lemonade and tea table.
Refreshment before the ceremony.

OK , one little horn toot.
My jars lined the aisle for the wedding party.
Mason Jars decorated and filled with Hydrangea from my yard.

A birch arch (provided by the florist) framed the pond.
Simple and elegant like the bride herself.
patience my dears,
of course I will be sharing more.
Have you ever known me to be at a loss for words...
or pictures for that matter?

Stop back and I will be sharing the remainder of the festivities throughout the week.
I will also be sharing on my Facebook page...

I still haven't unloaded the van, or the wagon, or either of my kids cars yet!
Fiddle dee dee as Scarlet says.
I'll worry about that tomorrow.
I need a day off.
Better yet, where are those kids anyway?

Yours in beautiful tomorrows, P.
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Vintage Jane said...

It looks like the most perfect day, perfect wedding ... M x

trash talk said...

I am amazed at the size of this place. What a beautiful locale. I can't wait to see the bride against this backdrop of nature's glory!
You rest those dogs a bit and then come back loaded for bear. I can't wait to see all the photos.

Hopemore Studio said...

It was perfect wedding weather!! I love the picture of the sky with the clouds pressed down, that is what I noticed all weekend and it was beautiful. Can't wait to see more.

Susie Q said...

It certainly was the perfect weekend for it! I actually thought about that when I saw the forecast! It looks wonderful Pam. I can not imagine a better spot for a wedding! Excited to see more photos!