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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Painted Furniture, City Flea and a Clean House

Haha, Gotcha, there is no clean house here.
Not while I am preparing for City Flea and possibly another fair this weekend.
(Have do decide how much hauling I am really up for...)
I also completed a custom project for a friend and neighbor.

This sweet little piece will be a bedside table for her summer house in Montana.
It was a very dark, uniform brown.
This was a cabinet from her dear mother and father-in-law's home.
They had both passed away in the past few years and this piece had great sentimental value.

Just needed to be prettied up a bit to suit the lake house.

A mix of French Linen, Provence and Duck Egg Blue paint to the rescue.
I added dark wax to highlight the molding and 
give a nod to the age of the piece.

The colors will reflect the lake and the Montana sky at dusk.

A hint of a monogram on the door to finish and give reference to this little cabinet's family heritage.
Sweet, non?
Once the marble top is in place I think this cabinet will be perfect for holding many a good bedtime reads while my friend's relax for the summer.

Frippery will be at City Flea this Saturday.
Lot's of vintage goods, artsy craftsy, music and scrumptious eats.
If you are in the Cincinnati area stop by and say hey.
Carrie will be there too.

Oh and really, that clean house part was an absolute joke.

Yours (once again) in imperfection, P.
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Sea Witch said...

hahahahaha. Ya got me good. I saw clean house and thought, wow, what a concept. Perhaps I should investigate. Such a pretty piece for your lake house and the monogram is a nice touch.

Debby said...

Wow, I love this piece. Do you love painting with the chalk paint. I'd love to see you and Carrie. Hopefully soon

Megan said...

Just found your blog...beautiful work on this piece of furniture and your dining room is breathtaking!
Megan @

Megan said...

Sorry....mean entryway is breathtaking....but I am sure dining room will be too!

Megan @

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Pam ~ I visited your booth with Sue {from Sullivan and Murphy} a few weeks ago, as well as the other booths at that fabulous place. Sue was telling me all about you and I hope we can meet some day. This City Flea sounds interesting. I was at Springfield a couple of weeks ago and was overwhelmed. First time I've ever been to something like that {we don't have these things in NY}. I'll be better prepared come September though!