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Monday, June 11, 2012

20 Thrifty Finds

Actually, 19 garage sale finds for $15 and one freebie.
Took a little cruise on Rte. 50 in Indiana to check out a few yard sales
after seeing Prometheus with hubs yesterday.

Has anyone seen it?
What did you think? 
I admit I am a bit of a Sci Fi geek, especially if there are some scares thrown in.
The first Alien remains one my top ten fave sci fi /horror movies. 
 My son and his friend Gabe asked me to see it with them Friday 
because my sweet boy knew I could hardly wait for the premier.
I was focussed on City Flea and couldn't take the time.
They returned a bit disappointed.
Joe said he would wait until I saw it to tell me why.
I thought it was visually pretty awesome and the idea was interesting, but...

How did we get on this subject?
Back to yard sales.
Sweet little haul from a charming gentleman who buys storage units at auction.
Just like Storage Wars.
We learned quite a bit about the process from him.
Great finds plus a bit of education thrown in.
Not bad for $15!

My other find was a freebie straight from God's hands.
This otherworldly little fellow was perched on the tag 
of one of my porch plants that are waiting to be repotted.

What an amazing creature.
 Notice he is sporting a trendy color scheme of Charcoal and Orange.
Faux fur of course with micro suede wings.
Nothing but stylish here at Frippery Farmhouse.

Like a little insect teddy bear.
Actually he isn't all that small by bug standards.
Kind of a giant really.
Perhaps a little over three inches from head to whatever the end of a moth is called.
I shared another moth with you here but I think this guy has him beat in a beauty contest.
At least a bug beauty contest.

What a gift to discover this morning. 
Every day is so full of blessings if we take the time to notice them.
I am thankful to have been visited by this small exquisite being.

Now about those aliens.
Discussion anyone?

Yours in gratitude, P.
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Susie Q said...

What a glorious moth Pam! Amazing photos of him...her? : )
Love your treasures. Think it would be interesting to hear about the techniques for successful Storage Locker buying! I am a huge fan f Storage Wars. : )

Debby said...

At first I thought that was a moth made from pipe cleaners. Oh the beauty of nature. What a magnificent color. Beautiful.

Hopemore Studio said...

Haven't seen the movie, debating it..while I love sci fi I don't do scary movies and this one may be just a bit too creepy for me.

Awesome haul, I am itching to do some thrifting just no time. Burlington is this weekend!!

As for the moth, I have never seen anything like it but wish one would come visit me.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I can honestly saw that he is the most beautiful moth I have ever seen. The color of orange is just gorgeous!
I thought, when I first saw hime/her that it was a stuffed toy you had found in your yard sales..then I realized it was REAL. What a treat to see something like that. I usually don't care for insects at all..but this one is actually cute. I wouldn't mind having a stuffed toy like that...but it would cost a mint! The fur looks real..and so thick and lusterous.
Oh dear..I forgot to look at all the other things you found...
I didn't go this Saturday. Instead I had a molar pulled...major owie!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we can't even compete with nature's beauty. Those colors are right in style! Kind of a big guy.

Sorry, I stay away from stressful movies. Real life is scary enough for me haha.


Emom said...

WOW! that is some kinda moth!....smiles

Claudia said...

That is one gorgeous moth! The colors and markings are so amazing!


thistlewoodfarm said...

Oh no :( My husband really wanted to see that movie....but it sounds a little disappointing :(

Love your furry friend. Isn't amazing the colors that God already picked out in nature.


Anonymous said...

Cute moth! Love the coloration.... he's magnificent!

Cha Cha said...

I was excited to read about the sale finds, but that moth is uhmaazing! Great photos, too. Thanks for sharing!