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Monday, May 21, 2012

Living for the Weekend

Not anymore!
Now that my temp job has ended for the year I have a bit of time to breathe.
No more living for the freedom of weekends.
To celebrate, hubs took a day from work on Friday and we hit the Springfield Antique show and Vintage Market Place.
Oh yeah!
If I could redo my kitchen this sink would be the centerpiece

Everyone loves cubbies.
The storage possibilities are endless.
Hold me back, I am shopping for my Ohio Valley Antique Mall space and the shows I will be doing, not for greedy little me.
A lot of restraint is necessary.

I met one of my idols, lovely Theresa, and her charming husband Craig, of Time Worn Interiors.
Their space was amazing but of course I was too busy ogling the goods 
and did not manage to get more photos.

I also met up with my vintage loving pal, Carrie, of Junque Magnet and Kathy and Terri of Nostalgia's Cottage, who both had fantastic spaces at the Vintage Marketplace.
 Kathy is becoming quite the junk celebrity, just check out the website!  
Home to a lovely warm evening on the deck.

The kids had some friends over and we had a little cookout celebration.

My sweet baby girl turned 21 this past week.
 When did all those years pass?
The mother's lament.
Now we enjoy our time together as friends as well.
Sadie and I have the same sense of humor and we laugh together until the mascara runs right off!
Happy birthday my little peach.

Hubs got to put his feet up too as son Joe and his sweet girlfriend Brandi did the grilling.
My son has decided to dethrone dad as the grilling king.
Hubs is graciously conceding, for now at least.

Saturday morning, back to Springfield.
I would have loved to haul these letters home.

These too, but buying for resale, the price just wasn't right.
What happened to that disposable income, hahaha?

Let's not forget the FOLK barn.
Very creative stuff.
Of course as usual too much drooling not enough pics.

I will share more of the show sights, as well as what I did bring home, in a later post.
I have to get to cleaning and painting my finds!

Yours in the thrill of the hunt, P.
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Anonymous said...

I too would love that sink! I have no place to use it, well... not in my kitchen anyway since Hubby would totally dislike it. But, it reminds me of my great grandmother's kitchen and that alone makes me love it.

sweetvintageofmine said...

OH Pam, How I wanted to be at the show this past weekend (actually was going to set up) but other commitments didn't let me. Looks like it was GREAT! Can't wait to see more PICS! Thanks for the John Deere comments. That piece has been a lot of FUN! See ya SOON! from one sweetie to another....Roxie

Hopemore Studio said...

Ohh great weekend! Happy Birthday to your 'adult'.

Burlington was this weekend too, didn't make it, but that's ok sometimes I think not going is the only way to show


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I would have loved to have come but had my granddaughters birthday party and my foot is in such pain I knew that it would not be a good idea to make it any worse! Don't you love weekend evenings out on the deck grilling out?? So relaxing! Looks like you had a good one!~Hugs, Patti

Jo said...

Sue told me you were there, but I didn't see you...:( I was hoping to...Hopefully you were able to find some deals - I found most of them in the grassy areas on the periphery. Idk abt you but I was exhausted after 2 days of junkin!

Debby said...

Were you there on Friday. Sue said you were there on Saturday. I was too tuckered out to go both days.....heat gets to me.
It was nice though. Loved the vintage market and the Folk Barn. I didn't buy much but had fun looking. I need to go to your space sometime soon. Glad your job is over.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am making a potting area soon at the end of my home..and a sink like that would be fantastic..and so retro! How cute it would be covered with ivy's and pretty things pots.. :) my kitchen. I would throw the sink I have now out..out..out for that one~!
Thanks for sharing..I do love going to places like that and shopping!!

sophia blue said...

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Kathy said...

Pam - It was great to see you and I loved your new "do"!! That sink is fabulous - if I only had somewhere to put something like that...

Have a great summer and see you in the fall!

Hugs, Kathy