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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty at any Age

I know flower metaphors have been used overmuch, but...
beauty and age have been on my mind.
Where better to find it than in the stages of flowering, 
from bud to full blossom 
and then overblown and 
faded to a rich patina at the edges?

Working over the last several months with a group of women all within ten or so years of my age plus or minus, there was much talk of aging.
Mostly about the change in appearance that happens with time.
I think that aspect of our society, that only youth has beauty, is a shame.
All of the celebs walking around with too youthful, slightly bizarre faces and bodies through modern medical techniques often seem sad to me.
I am not talking about the inner beauty that comes with age. 
The wisdom and layers of experience that create a deeply interesting individual
with much to share.

It is the fact that so many older women are compelled to try to look and dress like their daughters.
When did we lose the ability to age naturally and gracefully?
A woman can be lovely at any age.
Somehow beauty and sexiness have become entwined to the point that we believe 
we cannot have one without the other.
"Hotness" seems to be the only thing that matters

All young girls are beautiful and sexy.
That is their time to be fresh faced and attractive to young men.
We have all had our times in life to be what we were or are supposed to be at the appropriate age.
Each decade brings a new type of beauty.

Acceptance of age needs to be relearned.
We all want to look our best but half the fun of aging is to be your true self without all the baggage.
Look good and be a little eccentric.
Grace and style and a bit of wackiness is beautiful too.
I look forward to honing these traits to a fine edge.

Embrace your age whatever stage of life you are in.
We are all beautiful.

Yours in style and grace, P.
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Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...


Anonymous said...

Just a lovely post today... as are the flower photos! :-))

Debby said...

Such a wonderful post. So well said. (((((HUGS)))))

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Very inspiring to us ladies of a certain age! Thanks!~Hugs, Patti

alpha sudirman said...

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Leanne said...

so are your peonies flowering? haven't seen any pictures of those around yet....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I was just having the same conversation with a friend at the gym. We can try to stay healthy but you can't change facts. That's why I prefer British films. There's always the older wise person in there. We seem to have grandmothers dressed like 30 year olds with odd face lifts and little girls dressed like they're 21.

Love your blog. I'm a fellow Ohioan so I enjoy seeing what's going on in your part of Ohio.

Julie said...

A beautiful post! I really needed to hear this - Thank you!

Most of the people I work with are half my age, and I often feel frumpy, used up and worn out around them.

BB said...

Well said!