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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes we become so tightly entwined in our passions that we 
can't see the whole picture.
Too focussed on the detail to realize there is a pattern to our lives that we are missing.

Taking a few steps back to get a better perspective is necessary when we find ourselves getting too close to really get clear look at where we are going.

There is much to do at Frippery Farmhouse, inside and out.
There is living to be done as well as work.
It all takes time.
If only there were more of it.

That said, there is not, so it is time to use what little there is to do the work of earning a living and keeping a home and garden
and treasuring time with friends and family.

Blogging is time consuming and there is not a lot of extra time here.
I have realized I can step back and nothing awful will happen.
I can pick and choose what to share.
This blog isn't going anywhere.
No obsessing over how many days it has been since my last post.

Instead those days are being used to make a home and a life.
I still find inspiration from you, my friends and kindred spirits.
I love your adventures, creations, homes and gardens, images...
I will always find time to visit you and get some fresh ideas.

I am going to spend more time doing...
more time utilizing all of that inspiration...
less time talking about it.

I have a bedroom reno that has gone on far too long, a garden in desperate need of help,
a job that will require ten hour days this coming week,
a house to keep...
Just like all of you I need to find a better balance between necessity and passion.
A little peace and time to reflect.

Time to begin a few things and create a bit and care for Frippery Farmhouse.
Have a lovely and thoughtful Holy week and a beautiful Easter.
See you soon.

Begin anew each day, P.

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Debby said...

Yes, I agree. Blog when you can, but other things need to come first. YOu have to be tired working those hours. But just remember to come back.

Leanne said...

pretty photos. I wish there was a "like" button for blog posts because I like this. Hope your week is easier than predicted...

zandra said...

Your photos are amazing! So real, I feel like I can touch them. Take care of yourself those are long hours. Thanks for sharing.
Hugz, Z

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