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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Begin a Journey

Each year I begin Lent with the intentions of making this season really matter.
Then the multitude of distractions and disturbances of modern life make such a noise around me that 
I spiritually can't seem to concentrate.
This year the journey at Frippery Farmhouse is beginning with intention once again.
I have decided to add to my Lenten practice a book recommended by
I had the pleasure of meeting Leanne several years ago at Silver Bella.
She is a lovely soul and has been called to a change in direction in her life.
She had listed several books to choose from and I chose the book she will be reading as well.

I hope to keep up the readings and simple practices each day.
To learn habits of detachment from the many distractions both physical and spiritual, 
that modern life throws our way. 
The first reading struck home with me immediately.
All the things we hold on to because they evoke memories and feelings from the past.
The idea that they may be cluttering both life and spirit,
 making it hard to move on or make real life changes.

A struggle for sure as a collector.
Each passage can be followed according to the reader's life circumstance and although I will not be parting with all my vintage "clutter" I will be more mindful of what I keep and why.

The same with the clutter of outside influence, the bombardment of technology, the lure of the internet, television, media that while useful to our modern lives becomes such a blockade as well, to growth and value of time spent as well as just plain contemplative quiet.
So these 40 days of Lent will be a time of cleaning out the cobwebs and detritus.
A time to get to the core of what truly matters.
I may not be commenting often as I am making a conscious decision on how to wisely spend my time for the next several weeks and we all know how distracting computer time can be.
I will be using this blog to record my thoughts through this process and hopefully learn some new habits come spring.
That is part of the Easter season after all, renewal.

Perhaps you would like to follow along too.
Regardless of your religion or belief system we can all use a good
"declutter" and a bit of peace in our everyday lives.

Oh and I will still be working on Frippery Farmhouse and it's renewal as well.
If our homes are a place to find peace then our outside lives will reflect that truth.

Just Begin, P.
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Julie said...

Thank you, Pam, for the reminder. I spend every Lent making grand plans, then pretty much getting lazy, forgetting and doing very little. I'm trying to make this Lent different.

I have that same "Key of Heaven" book. I use it for my nighttime prayers.

sissie said...

Hi Pam,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and plans for Lent. I too need to declutter my life as well and believe it or not I've alreay starting doing so without realizing I was doing it. Does that make sense?
I am going to look up this book.


Leanne said...

Hey, Pam, so far so good with this book! And you've put it more eloquently than I could ...


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a lovely idea!