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Monday, February 13, 2012

Frippery Gets Lost

Somewhere along the way I have gotten off track. 
This blog is losing it's luster.

It is not going in the direction it needs to follow.
Sometimes a post gets written just to post, because I read "volume volume volume" is the way to go. 
The next day it is tutorials or links or switching to a new platform. 
Then it is join every linky party and always have a project going for the next one. 
Never mind keeping up with the social media. 
Give the readers what they want. 
What do they want?

Is it what I want from this blog? 
In our reduced income state here at Frippery Farmhouse
 I would have loved to have a money making blog.
But that isn't why I started here.

I began because I enjoyed visiting and wanted to be a part of this neighborhood.
I began because I love DIY, art, crafts, vintage collecting, decorating and so much more.

I began because I am always playing with my camera and wanted to share my images.

I began because I wanted a diary of sorts that I would actually keep up with.
I began because I visited so many bloggers that have now become real, lifetime, in person friends.

I began because I need to share my beautiful hometown of Cincinnati and all that it offers.
I began because I enjoy writing.
I began because it was fun.

I am going to begin again, with that mindset. 
I will do some blog keeping and tidying, freshen things and sweep out the cobwebs. 
That is a lot of I's. 
 That's OK because that is what Frippery is. 
Just me, talking and sharing. 
That is what was getting lost in all the fretting about what direction to take 
and how to do it the "right way".
 Frippery. Is. Me. 
That said I will make it what I want it to be. 
May take a little while. 
 May not. 
No more worries over something so simple. 
No stressing that I need to get something done because of this or that upcoming blog party.
 Just talking and sharing in my own time, when I have something worth a post.
 If I choose to do more with it I will. 
If I don't no regrets. 
 I love visiting the blog neighborhood and yes, 
I adore seeing all of the linky projects and parties and giveaways. 
It is awesome how so many have been able to parlay this neighborhood into a way
to make a living from home.

Frippery and I just need to get back to basics. 
I have always tried to portray a fairly honest view of life at Frippery farmhouse.

Authenticity is want I want for this blog. 
 I would love to hear from you. 
How do you cope with self doubt or the feeling of
 losing the true you when projecting your life for all to see?
 Please share your insight. 

Happy Valentine's Day my friends.
To beginning, P. 

On a lighter note, autocorrect consistently changes linky to kinky, so if I have missed any corrections and  end up writing about kinky parties, forgive me. If that is why you are visiting in the first place...
I won't judge.
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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Great post - I was feeling the same way - and took a break. Now, I'm rejuvenated and refocused, and blogging is (again!) working for me the way it used to.

Good to read your blog again, as I make my round!


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I don't worry about it.... I just blog. I never did have a vision for my blog when I started other than to just have fun with it and try to keep it light and airy. It does not always meet those requirements but to be honest... I don't care. I just blog about whatever I feel like on any particular day.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I have felt the same way and wonder how in the world so many bloggers do it. A post everyday...countless awesome projects and more in the works...I realized early on, I can't do it. So my little blog is very simple. I post when I have something to post about and! No pulling images off of somewhere just to have a post....I work full time and have a husband, two boys, four cats and friends and family. I simply cannot be a mega, I am happy with the ones that stop by when I post something, and like you, feel that I have made some wonderful connections. I continue to follow many many blogs that insire and amaze me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We gotta do it "our" way right?

Great post...

Lou Cinda :)

Jo said...

I have felt that way for a while now. I had to sit back and decide why I started blogging, and decided that would be the direction in which I would stay on. Because my family is all over I wanted to share with them what we were doing. I didn't want to spend precious phone time with my son in a foreign country on some of it but still wanted him to feel part of us while he served our country. I think as long as you are true to yourself and doing what you enjoy, the ones who want to be will follow with you. I may not always comment but I am lurking around and hopefully the Buckeye Bloggers will get together once this nasty weather turns.

JunqueMagnet said...

You and I have touched on this in our talks.I find the path murky.I would love the wonderful opportunities to come my way but want to refrain from getting caught up in the "like me, like me" fray.Sometimes I find myself fretting over how "small" my blog is and pushing myself to make it grow.Then life gets pushed aside and I realize the ridiculousness of snapping at my kids because I'm trying to get a project done so I can blog about it.Insanity!You are your own brand of wonderful.It is fun to see what you show us - in ALL genres.Glimpses let us learn who you are and that is the fun.Keep "beginning" and let us in on the ride as you feel like doing so!

Julie said...

Thank you for expressing this. I needed to hear it. I am fairly new to blogging and quite frankly, it has been as much a source of stress as it has been fun. I stress over finding something interesting to say, when my life is pretty boring due to lack of $$. I stress over my seemingly pitiful number of followers. I stress over getting stuff done in time for a linky party, then realize that I'm a day too late. I stress when I show pictures of my home, wondering if what I think is beautiful, others will find ugly.

I'm going to take your advice, stop stressing out, and just enjoy doing it my way.

I really like your blog and am enjoying reading your older posts.

sissie said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks for your heartfelt thoughts and expressions on blogging. I too have feelings of being lost here in the blogging world. I often wonder how others can keep up the pace with all the parties and still have time to complete so many projects and decorate their homes so beautifully and then blog about it!
I look at blogs like Miss Mustard Seeds and others and feel somewhat envious of their success. That being said, isn't me. I started my blog to share my love for decorating and finding and redoing things for my booth. I don't want to change but find that I am often influenced by all the buzz here.

I am thinking about regrouping myself and getting back on track as well. I really find you and your blog very real and enjoyable.

Nothing wrong though with getting back to the basics.


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Your blog is beautiful, because you are beautiful. Whether you post once a say, twice a week or once a month, be you and this blog will thrive.

Those photos are great and I love visiting-the visuals, the music and the reading is good here!

Happy Valentine's Day- 1 day in advance.
Amber Dawn

Leanne said...

Gotta love autocorrect :)

Also, you're on the right track. If you're not passionate about it, why bother? So I'm glad you're getting back to basics ...

stephanie said...

Pam....I GET THIS POST! I had lost that loving feeling about my blog the past several months for some of the same reasons you cite. And just a week ago, I began to miss blogging...The creative outlet of it and all the friends like you that I used to visit several times a week.

So, for the past 7 days I have blogged. And, it has been easy and enjoyable. Not something to cross off my to-do-list but just a few minutes sitting at my computer. So far it feels good to be back...

I've decided that my blog is not about trying to be something that it's not. Just like you are saying about being real and authentic...I so agree with you about that!

It's just a simple little blog where I try to share something from my day that others might find interesting. One day it's a recipe that I tried for dinner and the next just some pretty pictures I googled on the internet...creating an environment where friends can stop by for a few minutes for a dose of hospitality is what I am striving for...

So, I send wishes that you come to peace with how YOU want your blog to be. And, what is going to make YOU happy....If we enjoy what we are doing, then others will enjoy it to. We may not have one thousand followers on our blog's sidebar but those that do come back for visits are our friends...those that encourage us and inspire us...'cause I think those are the type of people we should surround ourselves with not just in our day-to-day life but in our blogging life too...

Debby said...

Alot of bloggers have posted about feeling this way. I always think if something isn't fun, don't do it.
I have been blogging almost two years. I never seem to run out of things to talk about.....but to some my blog would be boring. But my blog is about my life. Being real is what I like to read. I get tired of seeing how someone dressed, endless changing out decorating, table settings, you get my point.
So be you and make your blog the way you enjoy it.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I agree with everything that was said before me and of course, I agree with all that you stated in your post. I feel pressure but that pressure I am feeling is from myself. I can't do a post everyday nor do I want to. I wanted this to be fun and not stressful. Thanks for putting it all so eloquently!~Hugs, Patti

Pam said...

Where's the kinky party? I had my leather all ready to go.

I understand your feelings about blogging. I think there are those blogs that hit it big because they have a lot to say and people connect with them in a huge way, then those blogs that are just purely there for making money and then the blogs where the people really enjoy blogging. And all those blogs that hit it really big (category 1) started off as people who just really enjoyed blogging (category 3). I went through a blogging slump for a few months and just recently found my love of blogging coming back. I found that by not visiting so many other blogs and seeing what they are doing and being influenced by what they are doing, that I can keep more on track about what I want for my blog.

sweet vintage of mine.blogspot said...

Are we all that different in our thinking about things? I don't think so...we are just living normal life, we put too much pressure on ourselves! The best things in life are simple and being who we really are. By the way, got a kick at the DIXIE CHILI restaurant. My hubbys FAVORITE! Great BLOG! Your friend at OVAM!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi...after reading your post this morning, I had such a feeling of relief that someone else felt the same way I do.
I have stopped trying to do the parties, stopped trying to blog every day and stopped jumping up in the middle of the night and running in to visit someone's blog that I love but didn't get around to visiting. And that's the truth.

The first year I blogged..I think I spent the entire day, day after day, trying to figure out how to do it and then trying to think do everything like this blogger or that blogger did. I spent money I didn't have on backgrounds and headers. I still have not learned how to do them.

I didn't know that people earned money with their blogs??? I don't think I really understand that part of it at all. I HAVE seen ads on sidebars but didn't know they got paid for them.
I did notice that some of my favorite blogs had turned into just one HUGE ad, pushing this or that.
The parties or "meme's" as I think they are sometimes called..can be just plain overwhelming, but many of my favorite bloggers join MANY of they with nearly every single post!

I enjoyed reading this post and how up front and honest you were! Thank you for sharing because nothing I have read in a long time has made me feel better..and..more free of stress where my blog is concerned. I had been thinking more and more of just giving it up.

Carole said...

I wish I could tell you that I've figured it out. I do step away when I have to because there are only so many hours in the day. I don't worry like I used to. Just like in life people will come in an out of your lives, it's no different in blogging. You just have to be yourself in the end.
I wish you happiness!


Anne said...

Hi, Pam ~ Just found your lovely blog (Gorgeous banner!); I just started blogging again myself; we lost our home and animals to a fire two years ago, and it has taken me this long to want to blog again ~ but now I want to! I just read where I should have a definitely direction I want my blog to go in, but so far, it's just "me" ~ art, the pets, the will probably continue this way, wherever my heart leads that day...♥
Glad to find you!