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Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Reality

For the sake of keeping it real around Frippery Farmhouse. I have decided to show you what happens when one tackles too many projects because she just can't live in limbo any longer.
Be afraid of what you are about to see.

My time of freedom is swiftly coming to an end as I will be returning to work full time next week for my yearly temp assignment.
Of course this is the perfect time to redecorate the second floor.
Don't you agree?
I have been wanting to redo our bedroom for several years.
 A lack of funds, time, vision...
something always stopped me.
Since my word of the year is begin I decided to do just that.

This is where I am...
patching, decluttering, cleaning, decarpeting (word?) and prepping for paint.
If you recall last year in my haste to redo my dining room and entry before returning to work I ended up with a broken ankle.
 Two days before my job began.
I will practice more care this time.
I will be painting wall, floors, furniture...
no time for the stack of unread books from GW...

I will be covering the sickly green walls FINALLY.
Restoration Hardware Slate.
I know, awful photo...
I am in a HURRY...

I also started working on the guest room.
Yes you heard me.
I have a problem.
(as Debbie might call it)

Because my master bedroom needs to get finished 
this cute little space is going on the back burner once again.
Just when I had made some progress.

Don't even get me started on the studio.
Let's just say if there is any danger of more broken bones
this room would be the place to trip me up.
Did I mention I just repainted my entry?
The one I painted last year before going back to work.
It is a sickness.
A good kind of sickness.

I wanted to poke my head up and thank you for all the comments and emails on my last post.
It seems I am not the only one treading upstream.
We are all here together in our little neighborhood.
Big, small, and in between, just doing what works for each of us.
As it should be.
Now, let me get back to work.
Time is a wastin'!

Here's to many new beginnings, P.

I just saw the Nester's not perfect Party and this post is perfectly not perfect.
I am linking to The Nester's Party.
Meant to be.
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Vintage Jane said...

Whew, what can I say ... good luck!! I'm about to reduce my working week from 5 days to 4 and can't wait to finish all my half done decorating projects. M x

Debby said...

I wish I had more energy. I think you probably get more done when you know you will be working.
It's funny because so many are talking about "for real" blogging.
My soldering class is this week-end. I will let you know how it goes.
Be careful and don't break a leg.

Julie said...

I hope you get everything done that you wanted to accomplish.

I really like the nun dolls, by the way.

sweet vintage of mine.blogspot said...

Not to be mean, but I can honestly say I feel so much better looking at your unfinished projects. I thought I was the only one who had a problem! Ha! Ha! I know now I am normal like most of us women! You should see my finished basement(gasp). But for some reason I keep doing and re-doing and re-re-doing by kitchen dining area. (The only normal area, I'm not happy with) Isn't that funny??? Anyway, you go girl and be inspired! From one sweetie to another--Roxie

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Blogging! Isn't it wonderful! A world that if a person has not discovered it, you almost feel sorry for them. :) I LOVE this blog!!

Claire said...

Don't you love not being perfect? I do!! I'm your newest imperfect follower-stop by for a visit!!

Sea Witch said...

Can't wait to see what you do with it.